Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday October 20, 2016

Leave your comfort zone every once in a while.  You might find that you like where you are.  You might also find that you don't like where you are.  Both are okay.

Being a Girl Scout leader, the other leaders and I push the girls to try something different every once in a while.  This summer Amber's troop went tent camping and zip-lining in Big Bear.  It was soooo much fun!!  One girl and one mom were super nervous to go zip-lining, but they did!  They both did soooo well!!  Neither of them will ever do it again, I think.  But they tried it.  They got through it.  Now they know they will survive the next challenge that they face.

It's not the succeeding or failing part that's important, to me.  It's the trying.  With the zip-lining, the girls had to finish the course before they could "give up".  That was 8 runs they had to endure.

What you try doesn't have to be as "extreme".  I'm trying to reach more people with my passion of paper crafting.  That's one reason why I offered to teach through the adult school.  It's a little nerve wracking putting myself out in the public.  Will people be interested enough to sign up?  Only one of the three classes I offered were taught.  I had so much fun during the class!  I taught 40 techniques to 5.5 women (the half comes from the woman who only attended the first of two classes).  If nothing else, I inspired them to paper craft more.  I'll be offering more classes through the Poway Adult School.  Winter quarter class registration starts November 8th.  And I'll wonder, again, if people will like my project enough to come play.

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