Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cardstock Carnival Almost Done

The end of the month marks the end of 25% off all cardstock.  There are no colors retiring this year, so stock up for the next year!  At a discount!*****CORRECTION- the basic colors (except black) are ALL changing.  We have 10 new colors!  Colonial White is also retiring.

What's more, is that our card stock is going two tone. The great color you know and love on one side; and a lighter version on the back side!!!  *******

Shop my website.  : )  Don't wait, because after June 30, this deal is done.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hinged Ghirardelli Box Holder

I'm ready for convention... at least my swaps are!  I came across a hinged box by Caroline Helwigh Wright.  I was fascinated, but needed to modify her dimensions to fit my needs (getting more than one box from a 12" x 12" cardstock and fitting something yummy inside).  : )

The most important aspect of this hinged box is that it needs to be square.  If it's not square, it won't close!  Each box measures 5 ¾” x 6 ½” and is cut from cardstock.  You'll be able to make 2 boxes from one 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock.

Along the 5 ¾” side, score at ¾”, 2 7/8", and 5".
Along the 6 ½” side, score at ¾”, 2 7/8", 3 5/8", and 5 ¾”.

Cut along the solid blue lines shown in the picture.  Not shown are the tabs wedged to make it easier to fold (but take a look at the pictures below for how I wedged mine).
Chocolate  hinged box holder

After I cut on the lines, I stamped the outside front flap/cover.  I thought it would look cool not to stamp the sides, but it took a little more time to avoid the sides (I masked the sides with paper).  Once the stamping was done, I put Scoretape on the appropriate places (see picture).

chocolate holder dimensional box

To make it super simple, I didn't layer on the outside of the box.  I chose to cut some images out from Artbooking Cricut Collection.  And since I get bored quickly (once I figure things out), I made two different designs.

The first is Hugs found on page 49 under the <icon> and <icon><shift> (2nd column, 2nd row).  Both the heart (in Thistle Cardstock) and "hugs" (in Pansy Cardstock) are 1.82" x 1.82".

I stamped in Cashmere ink on Cashmere cardstock.  The stamp is from the Flower Market Collection.

chocolate holder dimensional box
The second of my swaps are "just BE" cut from Emerald cardstock (found on page 39 - <title><shift> (2nd column, 1st row) and be yourself - at least the banner part - found on page 41 <title> (4th column, 1st row).  Using Design Space, I hid the "be yourself" with the hide contour feature.  Then I made the banner 1.8" wide and 0.35" high.  Originally I was going to keep "yourself", but it didn't look right; and I realized I would have to back the banner with another piece of paper, so I took the word out.  After the banners were cut from Willow cardstock, I stamped "YOU!" with the Pen Pals Alphabet stamp set in Black Ink.

This time I stamped in Bamboo ink on Bamboo cardstock.  I stamped on the wrong piece (the inside) so I had to go back and restamp!  Again, I used paper to mask the ends.

chocolate holder dimensional box

The green dot in the cutting diagram (above) is an optional, although highly recommended, hole for the pull string.  To make the pull string, I used the White Twine, Willow ink and Thistle ink (corresponding to the box in mind) and a sponge dauber to color the white twine.  Hold the end of the twine and pull the twine between the dauber and the ink pad.  Pull the twine several times to get the intensity of color you want.  I fed about a 2" piece of the pull string through the hole, securing it to the inside with regular tape.

The front flap/cover measures about 2".  If you'd like to add a mat or decorate the flap/cover, you'll want your papers to be smaller.

Want to get the dimensions of "HUGS" and "just BE YOU!" just right?  Let me make this simple... Here is the Design Space canvas file:

Ready for the finished products?!

chocolate holder dimensional box

The hinge is on the bottom left.  The easiest way to open the box is to hold the upper left corner with your left hand while pulling the twine with your right.  Then the treats are revealed, removed, and consumed.

Cute, right?!  Now it's your turn!

Item Number Name
Z2805 Black Ink
Z2803 Bamboo Ink
Z2875 Cashmere Ink
Z2840 Thistle Ink
Z2807 Willow Ink
X5932 Cashmere Cardstock
X5782 Pansy Cardstock
X5769 Thistle Cardstock
1301 Bamboo Cardstock
X5783 Emerald Cardstock
X5784 Willow Cardstock
Z3285 or Z3290 Flower Market Cricut Collection - background stamp sets
Z3169 Artbooking Cricut Collection
B1539 Pen Pal Alphabet stamp set
Z3216 White Twine
Z726 or Z1938 Sponge Daubers
Z1204 Bone Folder - to score and burnish
1512 or Z553 Bonding Memories Glue - to glue the Cut pieces together and to the box
Z1151 3-D Foam Tape (to mount the banner)
Z534 or 1836 Micro-tip Scissors
Scoring board
Score Tape / Red Line tape

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 2017 Stamp of the Month

Before the month ends, you should see the stamp of the month set and a few examples.

S1706    Hello Foxy Stamp Set
X7219B  Little Dreamer paper (zip strip)
1385        White Daisy Cardstock
Z3271      Archival Black Ink
Z3216     White Twine
Z3274     Clear Sparkles
Z1263     Bitty Sparkles
Z3132     Watercolor Paints
Z3132     Paintbrush Set
Z2060     Thin 3D Foam Tape

S1706    Hello Foxy Stamp Set
X7219B  Little Dreamer paper (+ zip strip)
1385        White Daisy Cardstock
Z3271      Archival Black Ink
Z3216     White Twine
Z3321     Little Dreamer Gems
Z1263     Bitty Sparkles
Z3132     Paintbrush Set
Z2060     Thin 3D Foam Tape

Friday, June 2, 2017

Wedding Guest Sign-in Keepsake Book

My niece is getting married in July so this video is great timing.  I'm going to "tuck" this into my memory for my daughters' wedding.  I just love this idea!!

There are so many great papers that will work for this.  And new ones are "always" coming out.  I would just have place holders for the pictures if actual wedding day pictures were going into the album.  Dating pictures would be a nice touch too...  the journey to the wedding day.

And reading the comments, it doesn't have to be just for a wedding.  Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen Birthday, Over the Hill Birthday, Christening, and anything else where a large number of people gather and would like to give good cheer to.