Saturday, July 7, 2018

Katie's Graduation Gift

The thing about playing on a high school sport's team is that each year players graduate.  It's kind of sad, really.  You get to know and like a girl(s) and then they leave.  Not quite right because my daughter stays and gets to know the girls staying that much more.  It gets harder every year.

Anyyywayy, Katie invited Lindsey to her graduation party this year.  Lindsey wanted to give her a gift that was small and something Katie could use in college.  A photo holder.

During the talking phase, the plan was to get some twine and some photo mats.  Put the mats on the twine.  It's portable and small.  Problem - how to adhere the ends to the wall in a dorm without it looking tacky.  We pushed forward.

You've seen those ribbon photo boards, right?  How about something like that?  Lindsey does a little research.  They are at least $30 and rather large.  Lindsey wants something smaller for Katie, but likes the idea.  How about making our own?!

I have a couple of 12" x 12" frames.  I have cork board on a roll.  I have batting.  Grey fabric is purchased.  We don't even need a quarter of a yard.  Then ribbon to match.  We'll figure out what to put over the ribbon crossings afterward.

We use the mat that comes with the frame as our board.  The cork board is rolled out and cut, then stuck down onto the mat.  Batting goes on top of that.  The fabric is ironed and then stapled to the back of the mat.  At first we used the staple gun, but the staples were too long.  We were happily surprised when the regular stapler goes through all of the layers!

Next, the ribbon was laid out on the board.  3" apart (that's my girl!), and taped to the back of the board.  It was later glued with Liquid Glass.  Liquid Glass went behind the ribbon and attached to the fabric.  We needed to cover the intersections...

I have some old grey buttons - being a hoarder sometimes comes in handy!  Of course we don't have enough of the same button to cover the entire area, so Lindsey comes up with a pattern that works.  We find DMC floss that matches well, and then Lindsey sews through the layers to keep the buttons in place.

Everything gets into the frame and is closed up.  Lindsey prints a picture of Katie's dog and of the two girls.  She wraps the gift with love and has a great time at the party.

Katie will be missed next year.  She added much leadership and is a gosh darn good runner.  Much luck at Chico State, Katie!

We better start thinking of gift ideas for the several girls who are graduating next year...

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Stampaganza 2018 starts July 1st!

It's that time of year again!  For every two stamp sets you buy, you'll get a third stamp set free!*  And the solo stamp sets are making a limited-time appearance (just this month)!

You can host a gathering and earn free stamp sets too!

Or become a consultant and get some free stamp sets!

LOTS of choices!

Purchase any of the Solo stamp sets as part of Stampaganza in July for $9.95!  These aren't found in the Annual Inspirations book or the Seasonal Expressions book.

B1225 Solos “a”
B1226 Solos “b”
B1227 Solos “c”
B1228 Solos “d”
B1229 Solos “e”
B1230 Solos “f”
B1231 Solos “g”
B1232 Solos “h”
B1233 Solos “i”
B1234 Solos “j”
B1235 Solos “k”
B1236 Solos “l”
B1237 Solos “m”
B1238 Solos “n”
B1239 Solos “o”
B1240 Solos “p”
B1241 Solos “q”
B1242 Solos “r”
B1243 Solos “s”
B1244 Solos “t”
B1245 Solos “u”
B1246 Solos “v”
B1247 Solos “w”
B1248 Solos “x”
B1249 Solos “y”
B1250 Solos “z”

B1286 Solos “1”
B1287 Solos “2”
B1288 Solos “3”
B1289 Solos “4”
B1290 Solos “5”
B1291 Solos “6”
B1292 Solos “7”
B1293 Solos “8”
B1294 Solos “9”
B1295 Solos “0”

Purchase Solos stamp sets in a bundle for a discount!

CC7181 Alphabet Solos Bundle $258.70 now $159.20
CC7182 Numbers Solos Bundle $99.50 for only $59.70

* there are always exceptions and clarifications.

Exceptions (these won't count toward your purchase of two, nor toward a free set):
  • Stamp sets included in Cricut® collections
  • W stamp sets
  • Operation Smile™ stamp sets
  • Stamp of the Month stamp sets
  • Hostess Rewards stamp sets
  • Stamp + Thin Cuts bundles
  • Alphabet Solos bundle (CC7181) or Numbers Solos bundle (CC7182)

  • The lowest priced stamp set will be the one that's free.  If you purchase, let's say, four stamp sets, you'll get two stamp sets free - the two lowest priced.
  • You still get to pay the shipping and taxes on the free set : (

Friday, June 29, 2018

Eclipse Birthday Card

I've see these cards on Pinterest and Facebook.  Well, I finally made time to make one!  This was for my Cardaholics group with the challenge of a birthday card.  I was inspired by the colors of Central Park paper packet.
I used our Thin Cuts - Block Alphabet (Z3386) for this.  I thought about using the Cricut, but decided it would be more accurate making them the "slower" way.  Even though it might sound like it took a long time, it wasn't really that bad.  Let me explain how I made my card...

The scene is on 3.5" x 4.75" and is backed by Pacifica cardstock (X5968) that measures 3.75" x 5".  First, create 2 masks of the balloon.  The balloon came from the stamp set accompanying the Art Philosophy Cricut Collection, but any balloon will do.  Why create two?  Well, because you'll want to cover two balloons at once to create the pattern.

I stamped all of the Glacier (Z2841) balloons first.  The I masked those (one at a time) to stamped the Poppy (Z2852) balloons.  I stamped one on scrap White Daisy cardstock too.  Then, I masked both of those colored balloons to stamp the Willow (Z2807) ones.  Looking at the "W" is a great example why you need two masks.  Finally, I stamped the Lemon (Z2808) balloons.  I tried not overlapping that one but did to go between the two Willow balloons (again 2 masks).

Next, I added the balloon strings.  I had to put the mask back on a few times.  And I added a string to my scrap balloon.

My Cuttlebug came out after the last step.  I laid "WISH" out and when I was happy, I added painters tape to the letters with overlapping tape.  NOTE: you'll want to have clearance on the top and the bottom of the Thin Cuts to poke the letters out.  If your painter's tape is wide, cut it down.  I didn't want them to separate and have to build the word each time.  I've since learned that  if you have Cling Wrap plastic wrap - the one that's sticky on one side - that could be used instead of the painter's tape.  It's probably better too, since you can see through it.

Position the "WISH" onto the stamped paper securing it in place with the overlapping tape.  Run through the machine and poke out your letters.  NOTE: if you are making more than one of these cards, make sure your word stays with it's matching background!

Once the letters are cut, they're ready to have 3D foam tape (Z1151) added to the back.  I used the regular height for this (and the balloon).  The stamped part was adhered to the Pacifica cardstock which, in turn, was adhered to a card base.  Then "A BIRTHDAY" was stamped so it could be lined up with the edge of the "W" in Pacifica (Z2892) ink.  The letters were put back in their respective hole.  The balloon received the thin 3D foam dots (Z3341)on the balloon, but the end of the balloon was adhered to the card using Bonding Memory Glue (Z553).  The final step was adding the Central Park Sequins (Z4178).

Done!  My take of the Eclipse card.  : )

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

July 2018 Workshop - Birthday Cards Utilizing Birthday Cheer PML Cards

July's workshop is here! You can never have enough birthday cards.  This crop is going to work for all types of birthdays.  Again we'll be utilizing our Picture My Life cards for greeting cards instead of scrapbooking.  And we'll only have to stamp three sayings.
Workshop dates are Thursday July 19th and Monday July 23rd from 7 to 9 pm.  Cost is $20 which will get you everything to make the 10 cards pictured above with envelopes.  Please RSVP to me by Sunday July 1st.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sweet 16 Thank You Cards

Lindsey, and I hope the girls, had a great time at the party!  And every good hostess sends thank you cards.

Keeping with Chelsea Garden's paper, here is the thank you card.  I was inspired by the "A Million thank-yous" card found in the Annual Inspirations idea book on page 37.

I changed out the saying (I don't have the one pictured) to one that's been retired for I don't know how many years.  Lindsey sprayed the upper part of the card with diluted Crystal Blue using our Spray Pen (Z1380).  Unfortunately, I think I diluted Crystal Blue too much because you can't see the color it adds that much (especially in the picture - it's the darker area in the upper part of the card).  I also think she was spraying the cards really close so the drip part was lost.

Still, I like how it turned out!

The longer banner is 5" x 1.5".  The shorter banner is 4.5" x 1".  The Whisper Thick Twine is 5" long with a knot in it.  Liquid Glass was used to adhere it to the card.  The extra was trimmed.

Lindsey took several hours writing her thank yous.  It's really sweet to think about what she wrote to each girl.  I'm one lucky parent!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sweet 16 Birthday Card

What have I been up to? One thing is that my (now) 16 year old asked me to make her birthday party invitations!  No hinting/asking/pleading on my part.  In fact, I think last year we just sent out an evite!  Of course I couldn't say "no".  : )

Even though the paper is gone, I love the feel and colors of Chelsea Gardens, so that's the paper I chose for the invites.  Lindsey wanted some bling, so I pulled out my stash of Sea Glass Glitter Paper and my Cricut Collections.
The pattern came from Make it from Your Heart Vol. 4; pattern #15.  The Heather behind the "Sweet" is actually the zip strip from one of the Chelsea Garden's B&T paper.  I cut it in half and adhered it to the back of the White Daisy paper.  The circle is also Heather cardstock.  The other colored cardstock is Sweet Leaf ("Sweet"), Juniper (between the B&T papers), and Crystal Blue.

This card went together really fast conceptually.  And assembling the 21 cards went quickly too.  Lindsey adhered the two "Sweet"s together, added the "16" to the circles, and added thin foam to the backside of the Heather circles.

Monday, June 11, 2018

A Bushel & a Peck SOTM for June 2018

I'm actually posting!  I haven't been idle crafting, but posting has been a back seat to life...

Here is the stamp set of the Month "A Bushel & a Peck".  Super cute gal.  I can see her colored in winter colors and showing up on a Winter layout.  Or in the fall with the blowing leaves.

With the "I love you a bushel and a peck", this card could be used for an anniversary or Valentine's day.

This stamp set is only available in June 2018, but it's uses far outlast the month.

This is an example made by Close to my Heart using the girl.  They used markers to color the girl, sign, apple, and leaves.

Change the saying to "you're the apple of my eye" and you can give it to your daughter for a thinking of you card or birthday.

I made this card.  The saying could easily be changed to one of the other ones and this card can be given to your son (or daughter).  It is also an example of a thank you card.

I used Splash of Color (D1733) stamp set to create the blotches of color with second generation Peacock (Z2849) ink.  Under the basket there is a Toffee (Z2828) scribble from the same stamp set.

The pattern is from Make it From Your Heart Vol. 4 (9044).  It's pattern #4 that's been rotated 90 degrees and then the banners were flipped.

Nutmeg (X5951) cardstock was sanded and bannered.  The dotted B&T paper the saying is stamped on is from Fresh Air (Z7232B) paper packet.  The bottom striped B&T paper is from the Enchanted Fundamental (Z3352) paper packet.  Glacier (X5979) and White Daisy (1385) cardstock were cut out using the Thin Cuts - Basic Circles (Z3318).  The bushel of apples were stamped using Archival Black (Z3271) Ink on scrap White Daisy, colored with pencils (3505), blended with water using our waterbrush (Z3225), cut out, and (finally) mounted using Thin 3D Foam (Z2060 or Z3341 - thin dots).  Lastly, the Bronze Sequins (Z4029) were added.

What will you create?  Order yours before June 30, 2018!