Monday, October 16, 2017

Embossing Diffuser and Punny Pals

Last week I taught an advanced dry embossing class through the Poway Adult School.  This example showed how to use the diffuser (discontinued - but found at a store).  I only explained the technique of using the diffuser.  And an application of coloring the embossed image.  I posted a video in September about the diffuser.  See how flat it is around the bear?  That's because the diffuser doesn't push down on the embossing folder's image.
Punny Pals Bear Paws

The paws embossing folder was purchased at JoAnn, and coupled with a circular diffuser to emboss the White Daisy (1385) cardstock.  That said cardstock was cut to 4" x 5.25" ahead of embossing.  I placed the diffuser higher on the card to stamp my focal image there.  Once out of the embossing machine, I took my Mahogany (Z2456) ShinHan Touch Twin Marker and traced over the raised edges of the lined paw prints.

I stamped the Bear and saying from Punny Pals (D1751) with Memento ink (Z899) because I was going to color him.  I colored the bear with Mahogany, and added Black (Z2446) to his nose and Pastel Peach (Z2460) to his belly and ears.

I didn't have access to the Thin Cuts for the Punny Pals that you can purchase during this month (Oct. 2017) otherwise I would have made the bear pop with 3D Foam (not that it isn't cute as it it).  : )

Friday, October 13, 2017

Time Machine - Mini Bragging Scrapbook from 2003

I tried sharing this with you when I arrived at my mother's house for the quilt retreat.  Look at this little treasure!  I made this gem many years ago (probably 15).  As with first born children, there is more time to do things (sorry, Amber!).  I gave this to my mom and dad, capturing Lindsey in her first and second year of life - back when she was unconditionally adorable.

mini magnetic scrapbook

Just thought I'd share it with you!  Even though it's small, this is a scrapbook!  Not too bad an idea...

It closes with a magnet.  : )  Maybe we'll make some of these at our Holiday Workshop on December 3, 2017 (with updated paper).  hmmm....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flower Market Floral Cards - Iris

I was inspired by a fellow consultant - Julie Carriere - with her Canadian floral cards.  She had used the Cricut Hello Canada (Z3391) Collection to create her cards.  Since I am trying to use my resources wisely (aka, not spending a lot of money), I thought I would try using Flower Market Collection (Z3290 digital or Z3285 physical).  I'm really happy with the results.  : )

This first card is using the Iris flower:

The card on the left was supposed to be oriented in the other direction.  I had glued everything down before I realized my mistake.  Oh, well!

I just love the embossed backgrounds.  They add dimension to the cards without being distracting.

The Iris (pg 37 - <m><flower-1>, <shift><m><flower-1>, <m><flower-2>, and <shift><m><flower-2>is made from the front and the backside of Eggplant cardstock (X5956).  I love how the paper is now two-toned! The stamen is made from Saffron cardstock (X5961), by cutting the background flower a second time.  Then I hand cut the excess off.  I wanted to keep the openness of the flower top.  : )

The stems on the left are both from Fern cardstock (X5930), while the foreground iris on the right utilized New England Ivy cardstock (X5959).

Finally, the words are cut from Black cardstock (1386).  My favorite base for cards is the White Daisy Value Pack (X254).  The flowers and words are popped from the page with the help of using White Daisy cardstock (1385).

Cricut Iris Card
I raised the foreground flower with Thin 3D foam (Z2060).  "Thanks" is only the first part of the "Thanks a Bunch" saying (pg. 3 - <3><title>).

For this card, I went with the modern Buffalo Plaid (Z4032) Embossing Envelope - only available through Dec. 31, 2017.

I hand cut off the smaller flower's bud.  I thought it would detract from the overall look.

You could add some Shimmer Brush (clear - Z3293) accent to the flowers or the background.  I took the pictures before I did that - it had been my intention.  But, at the same time, it isn't necessary.
Background: Eggplant cut to 4" x 5.25".  White embossed cut to 3.75" x 5" before embossed.

Flower Market Cuts
For this second card, I made the iris' larger.  I popped the foreground iris up with the Thin 3D foam.

This time I used the Leaves (Z4031) Embossing Folder - again, only available through Dec. 31, 2017.  I used the "back" of the embossed leaves.  I thought it had a cooler look that the other side.  : )

The Eggplant cardstock background was cut at 4.25" x 5.5".  The White Daisy cardstock to 4" x 5.25".

"hello" came from pg 1<shift><1><title>.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

October is Time to Share the Smile with Operation Smile™

Have you wondered about Operation Smile™?  And why Close to my Heart would raise money for such an organization?  What about your role in helping the cause?

Close to my Heart partnered with Operation Smile™ to help kids smile again - one at a time.  You can read a little more here.  A smile can be a powerful thing, and why wouldn't we want to help.

There are lots of ways to help others out.  With natural disasters, as we've seen, people will collect money almost anywhere you shop.  You can help Operation Smile™ a little at a time by rounding up your order to the nearest dollar - that could be 3 cents or 99 cents (or anywhere in between - okay, and could also be 1 and 2 cents).  Three cents might not seem like it would make a difference, but what if 100 people rounded up just 3 cents.  We'd have $3 dollars.  What if another 1000 people rounded up just 3 cents?  Well, that's another $30.  Even though that example would take a while to collect the $240 necessary for an operation, we'd get there.  And the odds are of only rounding up 3 cents is pretty low.

Sometimes you can do a little more.  Take October 2017 for example.  What would you say if I told you you could donate $7 by purchasing a stamp set?  Would you do it?  For $17.95, you'll get Punny Pals (D1751), and $7 will go toward a life changing operation.
As I mentioned, this month Close to my Heart is "pushing" the stamp set by sweetening the pot.  For this month only, and while supplies last, you can get a coordinating set of Thin Cuts for cutting out the adorable animal shapes. Even better, we’ve built an exclusive card kit that includes the Thin Cuts along with card bases, envelopes, paper pieces, and instructions that you can use to create endearing cards that will sure enough bring a smile to anyone’s day!

Close to my Heart is so passionate about this campaign, how about this?!
"When you participate in our Share a Smile promotion by purchasing any of these special items or rounding up your order in support of Operation Smile™ you will automatically qualify for a chance to win a not-yet-released stamp set from our upcoming 2018 Seasonal Expressions 1 idea book! We’ll be choosing winners throughout the month of October, so any time you place an order, you can be a winner!"

3" x 3" cards and envelopes: $9.95 for 32 of them.  That's a GREAT deal!  I'm stocking up on just this item for the future. : )

Thin Cuts for the stamp images, because who wants to have to hand cut these babies out when there's a machine to do it quick and easy for you.  This set is $28.95 and includes all 13 animals from the Punny Pals stamp set.

Why not go for it, and save some money too?!  If you want to purchase the two items above, the total is $38.90.  Well, with this package, you'll get the 10 sheets of cardstock and 1 sheet of glitter paper for an additional $1.05.  Yes, all of this is $39.95!  PLUS you'll get cutting diagrams and instructions to make 6 different card designs.

Don't think it can get any better?  What about Close to my Heart matching?!
Close to my Heart will be matching round-ups this month up to $10,000!  Meaning that your round-up donations will go even further to improve the lives of children!

In a nutshell:
Buy Punny Pals
Buy the kit and make 32 cards (great gift idea!)
Round up (all year round) your order
CTMH will give up to $10,000 this month to Operation Smile™
Be entered to win a stamp set from the 2018 Seasonal Expressions 1 (that comes out in January) idea book!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Quilting With Mom

I'm quilting with my mom this week.  We are enjoying Lake Arrowhead and the time together.

I just wanted to remind you that this is the last week for you to get the From the Heart Card Kit.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Interactive Cards: From the Heart Kit Celebrates National Stamping Month in Great Fashion

This month we celebrate National Stamping Making with an interactive card making kit.  If you receive this card, you might be thinking, "no way can I put that together!".  It isn't as bad as all that though.  Here is a video that walks you through assembling a card.

Not too bad, huh?!  Actually, the hard part is deciding on the colors to use to stamp the cards!  I love the detail the stamp set brings out on these flowers and leaves.  : )

The best part?  These were my inspiration for my Cardaholics card swap this month.  But you'll have to see my next post for those pictures...

There are three parts you can purchase:

CC1227 From the Heart Card Bases & Envelopes
12 – foil-stamped card bases with accompanying die-cut pieces
12 – 5½" x 4¼" white envelopes
Price: $13.95 USD

CC1228 My Acrylix® From the Heart Stamp Set
E-size stamp set containing 35 stamp images, including stamp sentiments for the inside and outside of your cards, as well as coordinating images for stamping floral scenes on cards and envelopes.
Price: $29.95 USD

CC1229 From the Heart Card Kit (best deal!)
12 – foil-stamped card bases with accompanying die-cut pieces
12 – 5½" x 4¼" white envelopes
1 – My Acrylix® From the Heart Stamp Set
Retail Value: $43.90 Discounted Price: $34.95

How do you get your hands on the Kit for FREE?
Host a gathering in September that reaches the third level of Hostess Rewards or higher, and receive a From the Heart Card Kit (CC1229) for FREE! That’s a $43.90 USD retail value, FREE! 
That includes Facebook and online gatherings!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Embossing Folder and Diffuser Video

I'm teaching a class on Advanced Techniques at the Poway Adult School in a couple of weeks (Oct. 2nd to be exact), so I'm thinking a lot about embossing.  Maybe you should check out, and sign up for, my class! 

In this video, Carly will show you how to start using embossing folders and diffusers.  Okay, you'll learn what items look like.  Some of the folders, and the diffusers, are retired that she shows.  The embossing machines, such as Cuttlebug, are simple to use and can be used for our Thin Cut line too!

What I'd like you to watch is the affects of the diffusers.  Carly quickly mentions that you'll use the diffuser as one of the plates that you feed into your embossing machine.  There are so many embossing machines out on the market, just follow the instructions that come with your machine.