Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cardaholics Creative Block Inspirational Blocks

What do you do when you have a creative block?  You roll the dice!  Inspired by a magazine, I made up some inspiration blocks - each block representing something dealing with creating a card or layout; Color, Embellishment, Technique, and Theme.

Each block was made from the Artiste Cricut Collection (retired) page 45, 3D Object.  The finished block is 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5".  Each block is covered with a different Fundamental B&T family.  I'll admit, I was short on time, and printed the items instead of stamping them.

On the COLOR block, the choices are: Black and White, Reds and Yellows, Blues, Primaries, Secondaries, and Tertiaries.

On the EMBELLISHMENT block, the choices are: Brad/Gem, Flower, Button/Sew, Ribbon/Twine, Glitter, and Distressing.

On the TECHNIQUE block, you'll find: Pattern/Pinterest, Monochromatic, Watercolor, Embossing, Fancy Folds, and Coloring.

And on the THEME block: Floral, Animal, Thank You, Blank, Birthday, and Beach.

The 3.5" x 6" bag topper was fun to make.  The word "CREATIVE" was stamped in Nutmeg (Z2830) ink using Jennifer's Hand (B1484) stamp set.  "BUSTER" was then stamped in Toffee (Z2828) ink.

"BLOCK" was created with the Marker Alphabet (E1034) and Bashful (Z2819), Blossom (Z2810), and Raspberry (Z2812) inks.  The entire word was inked in Bashful.  Then 2/3s of the word was inked in Blossom (leaving the very bottom as Bashful).  The top 1/3 of the word was then inked in Raspberry (the darkest red).  Then the image was stamped on the White Daisy topper.  Note: If you make more than one, you'll need to clean the stamp before going back to the lightest color.

A small bead of Liquid Glass (Z679) was used to adhere the bag to the inside back of the topper.  Another bead was used to keep the Enchantment Sapphire Twine (retired) in place at the fold of the topper.  Hook and Loop Dots keep front side of the topper down.  One hook dot is adhered to the bag while the loop dot is on the inside of the topper.

So, when I can't think of something to make, I whip out my handy blocks, roll them, and move forward with what they suggested.  No more creative block!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Magazine Inspired Fundamentals Swap Card

How about this card?  My inspiration came from a beach bag card in Paper Crafts Magazine from July 2012.  It's the stripes that stood out to me.

My card uses the new patterns of Enchantment and Whimsy Fundamentals (both new patterns).  I also made my own B&T paper by stamping with Sapphire ink on Sapphire cardstock.  For that I used the In the Background stamp set (new).  The flowers are from Beautiful You (new) stamp set, but I used the bundle - the corresponding Thin Cuts and Stamp Set.

Flowers Thin Cut
How dimensional do those flowers look?!  Three stamps were used in the making of each!

Large Flower:  Pansy was 2nd generated for the base layer.  Then I stamped Pansy again, but 1st generation, for the middle layer.  The top/smallest part of the flower was inked in Eggplant.

Medium flower:  For this one, I only used Saffron Ink.  The base is 3rd generation, the middle layer is 2nd generation, and the top layer is 1st generation.

Small Flower:  This followed the same process as the middle flower except that I used Peacock ink.

Leaves:  Both were stamped 2nd generation and then 1st generation with New England Ivy ink.

The Pansy/Eggplant flower and larger leaf are adhered directly to the paper, the Saffron flower and small leaf are raised with Thin 3D Foam, and the Peacock flower is raised with 3D Foam.  Having different levels adds interest to the card.

The 5.25" x 4.25" card is finished with Gold Pearls (new), and the right two corners rounded.  You might have noticed that I mentioned the dimension of the card isn't the standard 5.5" in height.  Well, I didn't feel like thinking... Each of the strips are 7/8".  I didn't want to decide which color got an extra 1/8" - two are needed to make up the missing 0.25".  Which two strips would you have made higher?  I would have noticed a difference in height.  So, the card is a little shorter - no biggie.  And you may not have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it.  ; )

Before I put my swaps in the mail, I added a piece of cardstock to the top.  I'm hoping this will prevent the pearls from cutting into the envelope.  In addition, I placed the fold of the card into the envelope first.  I don't normally mail cards this way, but I was hoping without the pearls being at the bottom, the cards will go through the machine (and therefore not returned to me for more postage as this might have to be a hand-sorted card.

Check out all the new goodies at dsdoodles.closetomyheart.com.

Item NumberDescription
Z3352 Enchantment Fundamentals
Z3350 Whimsy Fundamentals
X5957 Sapphire Cardstock
Z2848 Sapphire Ink
Z2835 New England Ivy Ink
Z2849 Peacock Ink
Z2847 Eggplant Ink
Z2804 Pansy Ink
Z2851 Saffron Ink
Z3384 Beautiful You Thin Cuts & Stamp Bundle
D1750 In the Background Stamp Set
Z3371 Gold Pearls
Z2060 Thin 3D Foam
Z1151 3D Foam
Z1912 Corner Rounder

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Handmade, Hand Stamped Wedding Invitation

Want to see the wedding invitations I made for my niece?!  Of course you do.  : )

She got married at a historical park.  She likes Sea Glass and had succulents as wedding favors. Woodgrain came to mind for the invites.
belly band for wedding invitation
Closed Invitation
 The word Buckle is a cut from Artistry Cricut Collection (page 11).  The top layer is the word Love which was cut from Colonial White cardstock.  The background is Sea Glass.

Here it is opened.  I hand stamped each invite with the swirl (I still LOVE that retired stamp set) and heart in Sea Glass.  I also edge distressed the invite with Sea Glass.  The reply and guest information went into the pocket to the right.

wedding reply cards hand stamped

As you can see, I kept the same motif with the information card and reply.

I had created each base piece in Word after some designs I found on Pinterest.  I was able to get two invites from one 8.5" x 11" piece of light cardstock, and four of the Guest Information and Reply cards.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the margins to work out correctly, so when I brought the job to Staples for them to print and cut, I had some weird cutting instructions for them.  The Staples employee was able to follow along so everything was cut the way I wanted.  : )

To assemble the cards, I used a small bead of Liquid Glass around the edges.  I knew everything was going to be thrown away (*sigh*) so I wanted the cards to be economical.  I thought about using glue stick, but felt parts would dry before I had an opportunity to glue it down.  Plus it would be more labor (I know, I put a lot of time into the cards anyway) intensive with the stick.  The Liquid Glass was quick, easy, and cost effective (I didn't come close to using a bottle - maybe half a bottle).

You might be asking how much?  The raw materials was the most expensive part of the project (okay, if I were charging to make these invitations, raw materials wouldn't be the most expensive part) - about $350.  I made 100 tri-fold invitations.  So you have the tri-fold part, the envelopes for those, and the envelopes for the replies.  So about $245 for those.  Then the Sea Glasss cardstock; about $50 for three packs, and the few bucks for cardstock, ScoreTape, and other odds and ends.  Printing and cutting were another $40.  I didn't keep track of the time it took me.  I started early enough that I was able to edge distress while watching TV.  Assembling I did at the table so I could focus on that... I hate crooked cards.

Then I handed everything over to my sister.  I had cut and scored the belly band for the front.  And put ScoreTape on the edges so it would be easy for my sister and niece to secure the invite closed.  My niece really liked them, so that's what matters!

I made matching Thank You cards for her shower gift too.  : )

Friday, August 4, 2017

Flower Market - Page 29 Key

Today's installment has Jill talking about how to layer, and what can be done with changing sizes.

Supplies used today include:
Item Number Description
D1706School Kids (globe card)
A1182Etched Alphabet
X7211BJeepers Creepers Paper - RETIRED - can use any grey background paper (layout, globe card)
Z3255Whimsy Fundamentals (flowers and title on layout)
X5789Sea Glass Cardstock (Retired) (layout container, hydrangea card, globe card)
1385White Daisy Cardstock (layout base)
1388Colonial White Cardstock (layout, hydrangea card)
X5637Sweet Leaf Cardstock (layout, hydrangea card, globe card)
Z2872Whisper Ink (hydrangea card)
Z891VersaMark Pad (globe card)
Z2068Ranger Super Fine White Embossing Powder (globe card)
Z555Craft Heater (globe card)
Z3269You & Me Complements (hearts on layout)
Z3287Whimsy Ribbon Pack (hydrangea card)
Z3285Flower Market Cricut Collection

Monday, July 31, 2017

Close to my Heart Warehouse Sale - Every Tuesday in August!

I'm always super sad when an idea book retires.  I can no longer get items from the book.  And now that it isn't available, I REALLY want it!  Curses!!

Corporate may be able to help...
"Every Tuesday during the month of August we will unveil a fresh set of retired Close To My Heart products and product bundles at a 50% discount! For this sale only, we’ll also only charge shipping and handling on the price paid instead of on the retail value of the items, the way we normally do. These items will only be available during the week they are launched while supplies last, so you’ll need to act fast!

We don’t want to give too much away, but we can say that the products we will offer are items that have been retired. From paper packets, Complements, stamp pads, stamp sets, and much, much more! Some items will be available individually and others have been grouped into purposeful bundles.

Normal shipping and handling rates, and taxes, will apply, but they will be calculated on the discounted price you pay rather than the customary full retail price of any item."

Other questions and answers:

Is this offer available only while supplies last? Yes, these items are only available while supplies last, so shop early in order to get yours while they are available!

Does the purchase price of these items count toward earning Hostess Rewards and the discounted Stamp of the Month? Yes, these items do count toward earning Hostess Rewards and the discounted Stamp of the Month.

Are these items available for purchase with Hostess Rewards credit? No. These items are not available for purchase with Hostess Rewards credit.

Are these items available for purchase as a Hostess Rewards 50% off item? No. These items are not available for purchase as a Hostess Rewards 50% off item.

Are these items available for purchase with Select Product Credit? No. These items are not available for purchase with Select Product Credit.

If you're a bargain hunter, I can set up a gathering for you.  Then, each week you'll have the opportunity to get the new items each time counting toward your gathering.  At the end of the month, you'll be close to $150 and qualify for hostess rewards.  Don't forget, the NEW Annual Inspirations will be orderable in August!!

Of course I'd be happy to come to your house and share with you products Close to my Heart offers. Or how about a Facebook gathering?  Let me know how I can help you reach your goals!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Picture My Life Video

Monica takes you through some stand alone sets we used to sell.  Now, though, every paper packet comes with two sheets of cut apart images.  Just like the cards she shows, each side has the same imagery but in both orientations.

What is still purchasable (is that a word?!), are the overlays.  We have three to choose from (until July 31, 2017 or while supplies last).  We also have more generic stand alone cards.
  • White Frames (Z3283).  These you place over your pictures to border them or add is little sentiment with the picture.
  • Retiring: Picture my Life Overlays - White (Z3193)
  • Retiring: Picture my Life Overlays - Gold & Silver (Z3144)

Stand alone cards are as follows:
  • Tabbed Journaling Cards (Z3278) are fun for journaling - lines to write straight! - and slide them into the pocket protector (or add on a page directly).
  • Watercolor Cards - both white/clear (Z3221) and gold (Z3217) are waiting for you to add color with watercolor paints.

How about miniaturizing your book?! Additional retiring items (July 31, 2017) are mini memories - Instalife 4" x 4" books - Blue Jean (Z3282) and Blush (with dots on them- Z3270).  These have their own overlays - Gold (Z3279) and Black (Z3284). They get their own memory protectors (4" x 4" Z3116) and printed cards - Hello Gorgeous (Z3275) and Enjoy (Z3291).

Take inspiration from the video and move your scrapping along with the cut apart cards found in the Seasonal Expression books!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

All is Bright and December Word Puzzle

Here's another two samples (because I'm running out of days to show you).  One uses the Quick Cards - All is Bright with December Word Puzzle, and the other just December Word Puzzle.

Here, Sapphire is the base of the left side of this Originals - On the Left (page 21).  The All is Bright is again stamped in Sapphire ink on White Daisy cardstock.  The stamped image is then adhered to Pansy cardstock.

Sapphire ink was used with the December Word Puzzle on Willow cardstock.  I know, it's odd to have the green with the purple and blue - those are tertiary colors.

Not that fast!  Before you adhere any cardstock, you're going to take your sanding kit and sand the paper to reveal the white core.  Don't worry about the stamped words, you can sand them too.  By doing so, you bring in some white to soften the intensity of color (especially the Willow paper) and marry the white from the cardstock.

Gold Foil Tape separates the Sapphire and Willow papers.  And if you can see them, there are 3 Dream Big Glitter Gems on top of the Foil Tape.

This second card also comes from Originals (retiring at the end of the month).  Buckle (page 82), I think, was the perfect choice for this card.

The colors are Poppy, Ruby, Fern, Canary, and New England Ivy.

Before I continue, I'd like to point out what NOT to do.  And that is not pay attention to your drawn lines.  I'm sure you see my line to the left of "Holidays" is slanted.  Well,that's because I didn't pay enough attention.  Had I paid attention, the line would be straight and higher in the corner.

Now that that rant is over, on with how the card was made.  : )

Enchantment Fundamentals - New England Ivy is the background paper for this card.  The trees were stamped with Fern (the outside two) and New England Ivy.  The stars were stamped with Canary (there are three stars).  Then the stars were stamped on scratch paper and then colored in with Pastel Green.  Two were cut out and then glued onto the focal.  The trees were 3D Foam Tape raised on Ruby cardstock.  The two buckle parts are Poppy cardstock.  I distressed them with the direct to paper technique - love that look.

"Happy" is stamped in Ruby and "Holidays" in New England Ivy.  As I mentioned earlier, I drew a line with the Journaling Pen around the base of the card as well as the focal trees. The card was finished off with the Green Triangular Gems (I thought they looked like trees).

So there you have it... Two stamp sets that aren't in the idea books that are eligible for Stampganza event - buy 2, get 1 free!

Items Used:
Let it Snow
Item Number Description
A1148Quick Cards - All is Bright (Stampganza special)
D1313December Word Puzzle (Stampganza special)
X575Sapphire Cardstock
x5782Pansy Cardstock
X5784Willow Cardstock
1388White Daisy Cardstock
Z2848Sapphire Ink
Z3129Foil Tape - Gold
Z3321Litter Dreamer Glitter Gems (retiring 8/31?17
Z1294Sanding Kit (retiring 7/31/17)
Z11513D Foam
9036Originals (retiring 7/31/17)

Happy Holidays
Item Number Description
D1313December Word Puzzle (Stampganza special)
1388White Daisy Cardstock
X5927Ruby Cardstock
X5779Poppy Cardstock
Z3254Enchantment Fundamentals (patterns retiring 7/31/17)
Z2870Ruby Ink
Z2835New England Ivy Ink
Z2850Fern Ink
Z2843Canary Ink
Z2852Poppy Ink
Z2459Pastel Green Shin Han Marker
Z3223Enamel and Glitter Duos - Green Triangles (retiring 7/31/17)
Z1979Journaling Pen
Z2060Thin 3D Foam Tape
9036Originals (retiring 7/31/17)