Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Random "Stamping" meets Some Kind of Wonderful

I had so much fun creating the cards for my Random Stamping Class.  Since I used retired stamps and paper for the class, I wanted to re-create the project with current paper.  It's funny though, because for these cards I didn't random stamp anything.  Instead I switched out the randomly stamped paper for Some Kind of Wonderful ((X7217B) Background and Texture paper.  I'm in love with the results!

Black and White Dots (Z3314) were my accessories of choice.  Some of the sayings are raised with Thin 3D foam (Z2060).  The bottom right card was embossed with Dots (retired).  Some of the Lemon cardstock (X5786) was treated with Lemon ink (Z2808) direct to paper technique to add a little visual interest.  Most of the sayings come from the Flower Market Cricut Collection (Z3290 - Digital; Z3285 - physical cartridge).  The thank you stamps are from retired sets.

Anyway, I wanted to share some sunshine with you today.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Home is Where Your Heart is

I really like the Flower Market Cricut Collection.  : )

I have a realtor friend who asks me to make cards for her business.  This is the card I made for her this time around.  The tulips, vase, and saying are from Flower Market.

The outside tulips are made from Blossom and Smoothie cardstock.  The center tulip has added the colors Cotton Candy (retired) and Pixie.  The stems are New England Ivy.  The vase is Sea Glass, as is the heart of the saying (double meaning there!).  The band and saying are cut from Pomegranate cardstock.  The background and texture paper is from Wanderful (retired), but pairs quite nicely because it's Crystal Blue.

The last thing to know about the structure of the card is that it's an 8" x 3.5" card found in the pattern book Wishes.  The title is Top Band which is located on page 100.

After cutting out and gluing the pieces together, I assembled the vase.  Each card is slightly different in the angle of the flowers themselves and how they were glued into the vase.  I tied White Twine around the center of the vase and then Thin Mounted the vase and flowers.

Yes, making 50 cards was labor intensive.  But it's a labor of love and I really like the way they turned out.  On to the next thing... my niece's wedding invitations!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Good Times... March Stamp of the Month Card

Since I was super late last month posting a sample, I'm getting it done early this month!

I'm super excited about my card.
Let me tell you about it.  This is the front of the card, made from Make it From Your Heart Volume 1 (pattern #25).  The striped paper is from the Whimsy Fundamental paper (Z3255) - I think we tend to forget about those great Creative Collections.  Sweet Leaf (X5771) and Glacier (X5770) cardstock finish off the colored paper (along with White Daisy(1385)) for the card.  The tea cups and flower were stamped with Memento ink (Z899) because I was going to add water.  The saying I just used Black ink (Z2805).  And I stamped the whole saying in Glacier ink (Z2841) on the Glacier cardstock for some visual interest.  Speaking of visual interest, I sponged the bannered Sweet Leaf and Glacier with the respected colored ink (Sweet Leaf's part number is Z2853).

I added dots with the journaling pen (Z1767) to finish the front and to add the saying inside.  The cups and flower were colored with the watercolor pencils (3505) -- Sunkiss Yellow, Spring Iris, Crystal Blue, Citrus Leaf, Bubblegum, and Holiday Red -- and blended with the Small Round Waterbrush (Z3224).  I've really been enjoying watercoloring!

My original intention was to stamp the flower on the bottom right of the saying.  Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job of masking "Good times" and a little of the bottom showed.  So, my flower went above the saying in an attempt to hide some of the black.  It mostly worked, but it's overlooked because of the flower.  : )

I used just three of the 11 stamps in this set.  Tea-rrific (S1703) will work well with tea and coffee lovers.  Here is the entire stamp set.
Isn't this a cute stamp set?  You can add a tea bag to the inside of the card as a thank you.  A gift card can go inside too.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Seven Things to do with Watercolor

I used my watercolor pencils on my February Stamp of the Month sample card and my March sample (I'm into the look!!).  Jill from Close to my Heart shows us seven ways to use watercolor paint.  What she shows is just the tip of the iceberg for watercolor paints!

Jill mentions using the paintbrush set.  You might prefer to use our line of waterbrushes instead.  Those work too.  Think ideas rather than specific projects as you watch.  Some product is retired, but the ideas are still good!

General Supplies for these projects:
Z2045  All-Purpose Mat (love this!  Makes clean up a snap.)
Z3188  Paintbrush Set (you could go with the line of waterbrushes if you prefer
Z3224  Small Round
Z3225  Medium Round
Z3226  Medium Flat
Z3132  Watercolor Paper (regular White Daisy doesn't absorb quite as well, but it is an alternative)
Z3167  Cricut Artistry Collection

Project 1: Striped Card
Z3167  Artistry Collection page 13 for the diamonds, cut at two sizes, page 1 for speaker bubble
retired stamp set

Project 2: Feel Better Soon Card
Z3167  Artistry Collection page 34 for the banner, page 43 for the circle
retired stamp set - could use B1543 Get Better

Project 3:
Z3167  Artistry Collection page 8

Project 4:  Heart Background Layout  (pause the video at 5:24 to get a good view of the layout)
Z3167  Artistry Collection page 27 for the heart.  Jill was mistaken saying the hearts was an overlay.  The heart overlay was created by adding enough hearts to fit the 10.5" x 10.5" paper.
retired stamp sets

Project 5: Be happy and Bright Card
Z3167  Artistry Collection page 21 for the flower, 27 for the leaves, 34 for the banner (cut two different sizes - see the carrier sheet for the size of the saying), and 46 for the background.

Project 6: Happy Layout
Z3167  Artistry Collection page 20 for the background
D1660  Ink Blot stamp set

Project 7: Tu Tu Cute Card
Z899  Black Memento Ink Pad
Z3271  Archival Black Exclusive Ink
A1180  Safari Ballet stamp set

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

January Stamp of the Month

I can't believe I made this card a month ago and haven't posted it!  Better late than never.  : )  Although you still have today to order your set.

Here is the entire set Easter Bunny S1702.

From my example below, you can see that it doesn't have to be Easter specific.

The saying Happy Spring is nice, especially with all the rain San Diego has been getting.  Spring and warmer weather would be nice.  It rained ALL DAY yesterday.  My trash can collected about 12" inside.  I know, poor baby!  It rained for 1 whole day.  And the temperature was only in the 50s - for 1 whole day...  ;)

 I incorporated Hello Lovely paper when making this card.  The pattern comes from Make it From Your Heart Volume 2 (9042) pattern #25.  The papa bunny was colored with watercolor pencils (3505) and blended with the small waterbrush (Z3224).  Because I used water, I stamped Papa in Memento Ink (Z899).  The background cardstock is Glacier (X5770).

So, if you want the set, order today!  If you want a free exclusive ink stamp pad (your choice) get your subtotal to equal $48 on my birthday gathering.  Heck, make it $50 and the stamp set is only $5 (instead of $17.95).  This set will be gone tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Little Love

This little sample uses January 2017's stamp of month and Sugar Rush paper.  Sorry I didn't get this posted last month.  : (

A cute card either way for Tuesday.  : )  You can make it to go with yesterday's Ferrero Rocher Box project.

This little beauty is a 3" x 3" called Squares and Overlays (found on page 65 of Originals).  The three 1" x 1" squares on the left side are Raspberry, Whisper, and Blossom cardstock paper.  The Slate heart is made by taking the printed flower (stamped in Blossom above it) and turning it over to get a solid image.  Both hearts were cut out.  The Blossom heart was raised with Thin 3D Foam.  The Dreamin' Big sequin finish off the card.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine Ferrero Rocher Box

I found this box by Sandra Ronald on her blog but have made a few modifications.  I made my box into a Valentine treat.  It's super simple to make... let me show you how.

The first modification was making the paper size accommodate 2 boxes per 12" x 12" paper.
The box is 9" x 6" and is made from cardstock.
The wrapper is 6 5/8" x 4" (you can actually get 4 wrappers from one sheet if the orientation of the paper doesn't matter to you - it didn't for me) and is made from background and texture paper.
The ribbon pull is made with a coordinating 3" piece of ribbon.
The recipient will receive 3 Ferrero Rocher candies.  : )

Score your 9" x 6" cardstock:

Along the 9" side, score at 1", 2 1/2", 6 1/2", and 8".

Along the 6" side, score at 3/4", 2 1/4", 3 3/4", and 5 1/4".

Score your 6 5/8" x 4" background and texture paper:

Along the 6 5/8" side, score at 1/2", 2", 3 9/16", and 5 1/16".
How do you score 9/16" and 1/16" of an inch if you have the Martha Stewart Score Board like me?  There is a black line between the 0" mark and the 1/8" mark.  Bring your paper out to that black line and then score at 3 5/8" (for the 3 9/16" measurement) and at 5 1/8" (for the 5 1/16" measurement).  Done!

There will nothing to cut on the wrapper.  You'll just fold and then decorate.  More about that soon...

Now that you've scored the cardstock, you'll want to cut it out.  Each corner will be cut off as well as one block to either side of what will become the tabs.

After the straight lines were cut, I went in and cut at an angle for the box to come together nicer and easier.

Once the box is cut, you'll want to punch a hole one side for the ribbon pull.  And this is the time to add your strong adhesive.  As you can see, I've added Score Tape to the flaps and the "backside" of the tabs.  The tabs will be folded up and secured to the long side to create the box ends.  Once those are in place, the side flaps will be folded over for strength and finish.

Before you create the box, secure the ribbon.  I pulled the ribbon through the hole, separated the two sides, and then used regular tape to secure the ribbon in place.  The flap will fold down over the tape and ribbon ends so you won't see them.  : )

Create the box by lining the sides of the tab with edges of the box.

Place some Score Tape along the 1/2" scored section of the background and texture paper.  Fold on the score lines and line up the edge of the paper with the 1/2" section.  You now have a wrapper.  The wrapper is NOT symmetrical so there is a wrong and right orientation.  I put the 1/2" section under the box.

You can flatten the wrapper to decorate it.

I created a banner and stamped "happy" with 1/2" x 1" White Daisy cardstock.  I stamped "Valentine Day" on a 1/2" x 1 1/2" piece of White Daisy.

The hearts are made using the Thin Cut hearts (Z3260) in purple and green glitter paper.  Half of my boxes will have the opposite hearts - green outline with a solid purple heart because you get both shapes with the heart thin cut.

Then everything was glued onto the top of the wrapper.

Next, grab your Ferrero Rochers and put them in the box.  Place the box into the wrapper (it's a tight fit).  And Viola!  You're done!  Your friends, co-workers, and neighbors get a sweet treat.

: )