Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flower Market Chrysanthemum Cardaholics May 2017 Card

I created my Cardaholics card and thought you'd like to see.  : )  This month's challenge was to have a flower.  I love our Flower Market cartridge and wanted to use a flower from there.  I had LOTS to choose from!  I settled on the chrysanthemum flower.  Well, here, take a look.
I started with a 4.25" x 4.5" piece of Background and Texture (B&T) paper.  The above B&T paper is from La Via En Rose (retired).  This the actual card I'm exchanging.  Below I used Some Kind of Wonderful paper (retired).  On the back side of the paper, I measured 1.5" from the top (4.25" width of the card) and marked on the LEFT side.  I then measured 1.5" from the bottom and marked the RIGHT side.  Next, you'll cut from those two marks (yes, you are cutting the opposite direction than the card, but that's because we marked the back side).  So, now you have the correct orientation of the B&T.  The bonus is that you can make 2 cards from 1 piece of paper.
The B&T gets adhered to the upper portion of the card.  Below that I added White Shimmer Trim (Z3024).  I liked it, but thought to dress it a little bit more.  That's when I reached for my Rose Gold Foil Tape (Z3218).  I put that right on top of the shimmer trim.

Problem, Will Rogers!  The Foil Tape is a lot like Washi tape and doesn't stick well.

Liquid Glass (Z679) to the rescue!!  I put a very thin line of Liquid Glass down on the center of the Shimmer Trim, placed the Rose Gold Foil Tape on top, and cheers all around!!

Now the flower.  I doubled all of the colors rather than having even more shades of the flower.  The Chrysanthemum can be found on page 47 of the booklet.  The colors I used (from back to front) were Sapphire (X5774), Pacifica (X5759), Lagoon (X5762), Crystal Blue (1292), Glacier (X5770), and Sea Glass (X5789).  To glue each layer together, I used Bonding Memories (Z553 or 1512).  I then adhered the entire flower to the center of the Rose Gold Foil Tape with Liquid Glass.  Finally, I finished the flower off with a White (or Black) dot from Black and White Dots (Z3314).

The saying is from the Flower Market Cricut Bundle (Z3285 or digital Z3290) stamped in Black ink (Z2805).  Shop for your supplies to make your own!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Patriotic Paper Banner Wreath - 4TH OF JULY

Kristine goes through the Georgie Paper pack (RETIRED) but at 1:26 minutes into the video, she'll explain how to make the wreath.  You don't have to watch the whole thing...

Banners can be made using Artistry or Flower Market Cricut Collections.  I'm going to use this technique for Fourth of July.

Let me tell you what I did, using this video as inspiration.

As I said, after watching this video, I knew I wanted to make a patriotic wreath.  I found a foam wreath at the Dollar Tree to wrap.  I cut 5 Sapphire (X5775) strips measuring 2" x 12" (just like in the video), 7 Cranberry (1272) strips, and 6 White Daisy (1385) strips.  I clustered the 5 Sapphire strips first, then alternated the Cranberry and White Daisy strips, starting and ending with the Cranberry.

**NOTE:** I used Liquid Glass (Z679) to adhere the ends of the strips together, not tape runner.  I don't know if it's the wreath width, but the tape runner was not strong enough to keep the ends of the cardstock together.

I bannered each strip and then fanned them out so they overlapped by about 1.5".  I then added a little bit of  Liquid Glass to the paper where it overlapped.  That way the strips would stay in place.  Finally, I cut out 2 large, 2 medium, and 1 small Thin Cut Heart Outline (retired) and added Liquid Glass to the stars and adhered them to the wreath.

To the back, I added a 2" piece of thick twine, again with Liquid Glass, so I could hang my creation.  Shop here to get your paper supplies.  Now I'm ready for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Watercolored Laugh Floral May 2017 Stamp of the Month Card

I fell in love with the stamp set as soon as I saw it.  Have you seen it yet?!  Let me show you!

The words are large, but still fit on a card.

Here is my sample of which I'm happy with.  It makes me smile whenever I see it!  : )

I modified an old pattern for this card and updated with new papers, so it looks fresh.  Don't you love it?!

See how the letters are large, but still easily fit on the front?  Each word is one stamp so you won't have to worry about lining up each letter.
I knew that I was going to watercolor the letters so I stamped "Laugh" in Brown Staz-on ink (Z1142).  I chose Brown because of the beachy look I was feeling.  The letters and flowers on the letters were colored with our Watercolor Pencils (3505).  The background is Desert Sand, and the flowers are Hydrangea, Crystal Blue, Citrus Leaf, Bubblegum, Ocean, Sunflower (for the centers), Sunny Yellow, Olive, and Star Spangled Blue.  Then the background was softened with the Tombow Blending Pen (3174) - thus the reason for the Staz-on ink (no bleeding).

The wood plank background and texture paper, cut at 2" x 5.5", is from No Worries paper packet (X7220B) as is the Lagoon water B&T paper (cut at 1" x 4.75").  The stand alone flowers and leaves:  The dark one is Sapphire ink (Z2848) on Sapphire cardstock (X5775); Glacier ink (Z2841) stamped on Colonial White cardstock (1388) and colored with Crystal Blue and Sunny Yellow (with a hint of Sunflower); and Sweet Leaf ink (Z2853) stamped on Sweet Leaf cardstock (X5639) -  all cut out by hand.  The Sapphire flower and one leaf are raised with Thin 3D Foam Tape (Z2060).

The ribbon comes from the Rustic Home Ribbon Pack (Z3292).  I cut off the extraneous part of the ribbon - again, I was going for beachy.  Lastly, I added the sequins from No Worries Sequins (off white) (Z3322).

Did you spot the difference between the cards?  I started with the top one by stamping directly onto the card front.  But after adding the bottom papers, flowers, and embellishments, I didn't like how the word was lower than the rest.  So I colored and cut a separate word then mounted each letter with Thin 3D Foam Tape.  A little more time and labor intensive....  So, for the bottom card, I cut a 2.25" x 5.5" piece of Colonial White cardstock and stamped "laugh" on it.  That piece of cardstock was then mounted on the top of the card with the rest of the goodies.  "Laugh" is now on the same level, and I'm happy!

Now it's your turn to go create something with these awesome products.  You might need to purchase them first, though.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Watercolor plus Hello Thin Cut

I received a the "hello" card from my friend, and upline, Kay for my birthday.  I loved how simple and quick the card looked, so I made one of my own, changing a few things up.
I took inspiration from the colors of Sugar Rush - mostly Raspberry and Blossom
The base of the card is made from Raspberry cardstock, as is the Thin Cut "thanks" (Z3259 - "hello" comes in the same package).  The next layer has been Watercolored with our watercolor paints (Z3132).  The two hearts you see are from the Hearts Thin Cut (Z3260).  The large heart was run through with White Daisy cardstock, and the small heart was cut from Gold Glitter Paper (Z3238).  I keep the non-used part of the hearts in the package for later use.  : )

Behind the white heart the paint is #12 that leads down to #14. Start with a wet brush and pick up the color.  Brush back and forth without too much worry.  If you want more color, put the brush back into the paint without getting it wet again.  Clean the brush (although you don't have to if you started with the lighter of the two colors), and repeat for the second color.  You can see in the right picture where my color got lighter and I went back for more ink (I probably got the brush a little wetter).

The cool thing is that no two cards will be identical!

The cards were finished off with Sugar Rush Dots (Z3310 - only available through April 2017).  The picture shows two of the three colors the dots come in.  The third color is silver/white.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cut Above Layout Kit - Little One

I thought I'd show you a little more about assembling the Little One kit.  I went ahead and punched out all of the die cut pieces and started laying out the layout (say that five times fast).

Here is the left page laid out.  The instructions call for assembling the bottom layer. Unfortunately some of the shapes are covered by the picture.  But not here!

You'll note that all the heart pieces are in the same orientation.  In the picture, the bottom right heart piece is only a small sliver (and the piece above that is covered completely.  I thought it cool that the far right pieces are only partial so it makes lining up at the edge of the paper easier, and there is no cutting involved.

The same holds true with the right page of the layout; no cutting necessary.  The rest of the circle is cut down to only be the pieces you see to the right.

Here's my tip about gluing these down.  In the picture, it shows the left side should be 1.5" from the top, but the picture is vague about which part of the circle should be 1.5".  So, I started gluing down the right layout first and went with the upper tip of the top piece as my measurement.  Since each piece touches, it's easy to place the other two pieces.

Once I was done with the right page, I lined up the left page, and the upper right pie piece (of the left page) with the part circle of the completed page.  Wow that seems complicated!  I hope it's clear rather than clear as mud!

Hopefully this picture makes it make more sense.

You can also see that I didn't have my tips (left page) match exactly.  I figured a picture will be going over it, and I want this layout to remain quick.

The above steps were the "hard" ones.  I then used the measurements given, and the picture for visual clues, for the next layers.

Here is the completed left page.

And the completed right page.

The pocket cards go in as "instructed" or however you'd like.  I didn't bother to show you those, but you'll see them in the kit.

Fast and easy.  Get yours today at  : )

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cut Above Layout Kits

I haven't been on for awhile so you probably aren't aware of our special this month.  You can purchase our two current Cut Above Layout Kits for 50% off until the end of April (or until supplies last).  If you don't have a lot of time, or are new to scrapbooking, these two kits are for you!

The first one is called Little One and is intended for young children.  My thinking, though, is to not put the two bears on the layout, and then the layout is for a child of any age.  They will always be your "little one"!  The colors are Sea Glass and Whisper - gender neutral colors and a beautiful blend.

The second Cut Above layout kit is Forever and Always.  Corporate uses wedding pictures, but it can be used for an anniversary or, again, your children.  "Forever and Always" can refer to a project your passionate about, or a destination you are in love with.  Or just substitute the title with your own.

In addition to the TWO printed base pages, you get 12 pocket cards, die-cut paper pieces, title and embellishment stickers, two Memory Protectors, and two pocket Memory Protectors.
Tips are given for the assembly of the two page layout, which includes measurements for placing elements on the pages.

I personally like the idea of the pocket pages.  You can get many more pictures without the stress of making more layouts.  And that's a good thing!

Again, if you are new to scrapbooking - or want quick and simple layouts - these two kits are a great start.  And these are the first two in a succession of kits to come.  There are two more kits in the Seasonal Expressions 2 book (birthday and adventure) AND a five layout kit just for May and the National Scrapbooking Month!

I've got a gathering open on my website labeled "A Cut Above - quick and easy scrapping".  Go now and get your kits before they are sold out!  Join the gathering in the lower right hand of the page, and then click on Monthly Specials to see both layout kits. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Random "Stamping" meets Some Kind of Wonderful

I had so much fun creating the cards for my Random Stamping Class.  Since I used retired stamps and paper for the class, I wanted to re-create the project with current paper.  It's funny though, because for these cards I didn't random stamp anything.  Instead I switched out the randomly stamped paper for Some Kind of Wonderful ((X7217B) Background and Texture paper.  I'm in love with the results!

Black and White Dots (Z3314) were my accessories of choice.  Some of the sayings are raised with Thin 3D foam (Z2060).  The bottom right card was embossed with Dots (retired).  Some of the Lemon cardstock (X5786) was treated with Lemon ink (Z2808) direct to paper technique to add a little visual interest.  Most of the sayings come from the Flower Market Cricut Collection (Z3290 - Digital; Z3285 - physical cartridge).  The thank you stamps are from retired sets.

Anyway, I wanted to share some sunshine with you today.  Enjoy!