Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sunny Thoughts Envelope Bag

A fellow consultant challenged me the other day to make something from a box of Kraft colored envelopes.  While we were talking about potential projects, she teasingly asked if I remembered making bags out of envelopes.  She gave me a box of the envelopes, "downsizing" she said.  ;)

I do remember the days we created a bag from an envelope and set out to do just that again.

Let me walk you through how I created mine:

Seal the envelope. That's simple enough.  The flap will allow the bag to be closed rather than drafty.

Cut the envelope - usually in half, to create an opening for the bag.  These envelopes are 11" long by 4.75" wide, and I didn't want my bag that tall.  I cut the envelope in half anyway.  Then I cut an additional 0.25" (from the cut side), twice, for my handles.  And then I just cut off some more so that a gift card would just sit inside the bag.  Therefore, before scoring, I cut the envelope to 4.25".

Score the bottom and the sides.  The first one I scored at 0.75" on the bottom and 0.75" along each side.  I decided it was too wide for me, so I scored this one at 0.5" on the bottom and 0.75" along each side.
Fold on the score lines, really well, folding in the both directions.  Your bone folder really helps here.

Create the bottom.  Now that you've folded the score line really well, open up the envelope.  You will have the natural envelope edge in the middle of your two scored lines.  And as you square the bottom off, you'll notice you have a triangular section forming below the bag.  That's good!  Those triangular sections will get folded and glued to the bottom of the bag.  Use a bone folder to get into the corners of the bag.
You'll also notice the sides of the bag forming too.  Those are created from the scored lines along the side.  Go ahead and define the sides more too.

Decorate!  I thought the color of the Kraft matched our Gimme Some Sugar paper (X7228B) really well, so I went with that.  : )
The "You are the Sunshine in my pocket" stamp is one stamp, so I stamped it once on a 2.5" circle (thin cut Basic Circles - Z3318) in Peacock ink (Z2849), cleaned it, and stamped it again on scratch White Daisy using Tangerine ink (Z2809).  I used a paper trimmer to cut just below and above the dotted lines (highlighting "SUNSHINE"), bannered the edges, inked the edges with Tangerine, and mounted it with Thin 3D Foam (Z2060).  I also inked the edge of my circle with Peacock ink.
For the single flower (that's a single stamp too),  I stamped it once in Tangerine ink, and created a second generation with Juniper ink (Z2865).  Have I ever mentioned that I'm anal?!  I cut around the Tangerine flower, and when I cut the Juniper image, I cut off the ends of the flower.  Most of the Juniper flower is still there, for placement and anchor, of the Tangerine flower that I glued directly onto the Juniper flower.
For the handles, I cut them shorter, removing the envelope flap.  I used the bone folder to create the curve of the handles.  That's achieved the same way you curl curling ribbon with scissors.  The bone folder doesn't damage the paper though.  : o  Bonding memories was applied to the ends of the ribbon to adhere them to the bag.

Fill it!  Put a small surprise in your bag, and watch the recipients face light up when they receive the bag!  : )

Sunny Thoughts (S1802) has additional good stamp images.  It's only available through the end of the month.  Don't wait, we're halfway through February already!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mini Brag Book Updated

A few months ago I updated that cute brag book and I thought I'd show it to you.  : )

This is the book with the cover closed.  I used the Basic Fundamentals (Z3353), Bashful Cardstock, Pewter Cardstock, and White Daisy.

The saying has been stamped with Bashful ink (color of the year!) using a stamp from the Artistry Cricut Collection (Z3190).  Don't forget three stamp sets and cardstock comes with your purchase of the larger Cricut Collections! The ribbon is from the Basics ribbon Pack (Z3364).

The album stays closed thanks to a loop and hook dot (Z1805) that's hidden under the knot of the ribbon. The saying is adhered to the ribbon so that when you pull up on the ribbon, the pictures can be revealed.
You can kind of see the hook and loop dots...

Finally, the inside of the album reveals space for 3 pictures and one area for journaling.
Just like the original, I cut along the butterfly's wings and the flowers using a craft knife so I can tuck a 2.5" x 2.5" picture under the images.  The flower page is where I'd journal, and the spotted page (stamped using a background stamp from the Flower Market Cricut Collection) will host another picture.  The images were colored using our Watercolor Pencils (3505)

Let's put this baby together, shall we!

The 3" x 12" Bashful cardstock is scored at 3", 6", and 9".  The inside White Daisy cardstock are 2.75" x 2.75", as is the front B&T paper.  The Pewter cardstock base is 3.25" x 3.50".  The extra 0.25" accommodates the loop and hook dot.

How I managed closure... I tied a knot in my 6" of ribbon.  Held the knot to the side of my folded Bashful paper, and added some adhesive to the underside of the ribbon that extended past the front.  Attach the ribbon to the back of the Bashful paper.  Attach the Bashful/Ribbon part to the Pewter base, shifting it to one side to make room for the loop and hook dot.  Orientation DOES matter!  I make three sides (top, bottom, and left) equal distant from the edge of the Pewter.  Have I over explained that part?!  Finally, I add a hook to the backside of the knot, attaching the loop part to the hook dot, and pushing the ribbon (with hook and loop attached) into place to the right of the book on the extended Pewter base.

Super quick to make, this mini brag book is a great gift!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February is Pretty in Pink

If the Butterfly Mobile isn't your thing, but the colors pink and gold are, Close to my Heart has you covered this month.

During the month of February, you can save 30% on select bundles, and 25% on select pink and gold items, embellishments, and stamp sets.

The featured colors are Bashful (color of the year), Pixie, Blossom, and Raspberry.  You can get any of those ink pads or cardstock for 25% off.

But wait, there's more...

The two stamp sets shown above are 25% off. 
Cut Above (buying this gives you a 30% discount on one My Legacy album) and Picture My Life Cards - The Story Begins (Baby Girl) are both 25% off.
Gold Heart Clips, Glitter Gems, Glitter Paper, and Foil Paper are all 25% off.

But that's not all...

Click here to check out all the items you can get at a discount, it'll be easier.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Butterfly Mobile

Do you, or someone you know, have a young girl?  If so, maybe the Butterfly Mobile bundle is right for you.

Have a girl or boy who likes other colors?  Use the instructions to create any color butterflies flowers, creating your own mobile!

Heck, cut any shape you'd like out for other types of mobiles!  Oh, no, my brain is starting to cramp with all the possibilities!

Close to my Heart has made ordering this project a breeze by bundling it together - and at a discount.  All the supplies (except adhesive) to create this project is 30% off.  There's a bundle with the stamp set too.

Here's the video on how to assemble the mobile.  : )

Need more help putting it together?  I'm here to help.

I'm full of questions today, aren't I?!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Flower Market Cricut Collection - Delphinium Flower

Here's a third card inspired by a fellow consultant - Julie Carriere - with her Canadian floral cards.  She had used the Cricut Hello Canada (Z3391) Collection to create her cards.  I'm still using Flower Market Collection (Z3290 digital or Z3285 physical).  This time I went with the Delphinium flower  because they're supposed to be a fall/winter bloom.  I only made one orientation.  Another  smile on my face.  : )

With this card, I went with the blues.  Crystal Blue (X5977). It's hard to see in the picture, but some of the flowers are the back side of the Crystal Blue cardstock (so it's a different hue).  The center of the flowers is Linen cardstock (X5946), the flower stock and flower centers are Nutmeg cardstock (X5951), and "hello" is my standard Black cardstock (1386).

The flowers were raised with the Thin 3D foam (Z2060).  Have I mentioned how nice it is to cut the foam with our Non-stick Micro-tip scissors (X1836)?  There is no residual tape left on the blades!  I just can't get over how nice that is!

Anyway, the Delphinium flowers  are found on the Flower Market cartridge on page 4!
There are three keys needed the shift key is involved too, so I guess I could say there are 6 keys needed):
<4><flower-1>, <4><flower-1><shift>, <4><flower-2>, <4><flower-2><shift>, <4><icon>, and <4><icon><shift>.

"hello" can be found on page 1, or at <1><title>.  I went with a generic saying, but you could use the font to create whatever you'd like.  You could even weld the letters together to have an easier go at putting the word on your card.

Finally, the background is White Daisy(1385) cardstock dry embossed with the Buffalo Plaid (Z4032) Embossing Folder.  That 4" x 5.25" White Daisy paper sits on top of a 4 1/8" x 5 3/8" piece of Crystal Blue cardstock.

I've got one more card to show you.  Until next time!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Flower Market Cricut Collection Card - Poppy

Here's another card inspired by a fellow consultant - Julie Carriere - with her Canadian floral cards.  She had used the Cricut Hello Canada (Z3391) Collection to create her cards.  Since trying to use my resources wisely (aka, not spending a lot of money), still using Flower Market Collection (Z3290 digital or Z3285 physical).  I love these Poppy cards!  They are so happy  : )

The poppy can be found on page 45.  The images cover <poppy><flower-1>, <flower-2>, <Icon>, and <shift><Background>.

Colors are Nutmeg (dark part)(X5951), Poppy (large part of flower)(X5963), Cranberry (accent of Poppy)(X5975), and Sweet Leaf (stem)(X5980).  And the saying is once again Black (1386).  The base of cards are from Poppy cut to 4" x 5.25" and White Daisy (1385).  Both are dry embossed with the Buffalo Plaid (Z4032) Embossing Folder.

Cricut Thanks

After the flowers were glued together, glue them down to the card front.  "Thanks a Bunch" is also glued down to the White Daisy cardstock.

Cricut Poppy Card

"hello" has been raised with Thin 3D foam tape (Z2060).  Very small pieces are best cut with our Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors (X1836).

Here they are together:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Embossing Diffuser and Punny Pals

Last week I taught an advanced dry embossing class through the Poway Adult School.  This example showed how to use the diffuser (discontinued - but found at a store).  I only explained the technique of using the diffuser.  And an application of coloring the embossed image.  I posted a video in September about the diffuser.  See how flat it is around the bear?  That's because the diffuser doesn't push down on the embossing folder's image.
Punny Pals Bear Paws

The paws embossing folder was purchased at JoAnn, and coupled with a circular diffuser to emboss the White Daisy (1385) cardstock.  That said cardstock was cut to 4" x 5.25" ahead of embossing.  I placed the diffuser higher on the card to stamp my focal image there.  Once out of the embossing machine, I took my Mahogany (Z2456) ShinHan Touch Twin Marker and traced over the raised edges of the lined paw prints.

I stamped the Bear and saying from Punny Pals (D1751) with Memento ink (Z899) because I was going to color him.  I colored the bear with Mahogany, and added Black (Z2446) to his nose and Pastel Peach (Z2460) to his belly and ears.

I didn't have access to the Thin Cuts for the Punny Pals that you can purchase during this month (Oct. 2017) otherwise I would have made the bear pop with 3D Foam (not that it isn't cute as it it).  : )