Saturday, March 28, 2015

Softball Mini Album

My daughter's softball teammate had a birthday party last year.  Her teammate loves playing softball!  I thought it would be nice to commemorate the season for her birthday present.  All the work was done in the Cricut Craft Room using the Artbooking cartridge.

the front cover

The title was formed by welding the letters of Softball with the arrow.  I cut two copies out, one on white and one on black.  The year was created the same way.  A square was welded into the middle of the page so it would be cut out.  Then the sun ray and heart was glued underneath with vellum on top.
Here is page one and two.  Page two features two small tags.  I left the sticky on the bottom to encourage the recipient to write. The tags were stamped in Ponderosa Pine on white cardstock.
More teammates and a decorated car.  The gray areas may look a little weird -- I eliminated the girls' name.  The Grey Flannel page (you would use Whisper now) was distressed with the direct to paper technique.  I opened the stamp pad and lightly rubbed it against the paper in a circular motion.
It was neat capturing some of the season's tradition along with the girls.  The girls became good friends.  : )  "All Star" comes as is.  I did cut a star out of the black paper so a window was created.  I can't remember why exactly now.  Maybe because I thought it would be cool and I could!
The softball page was created by welding baseballs together.  The collage becomes softballs when it's printed on Honey paper.  After I created this page, I clicked on the image - hide contour - and eliminated the seams and space between the balls.  That's what formed the front and back covers!

We finally reach the end of the album.  When I added the names, I put the girls' first and last name.  That way, years down the road, the birthday girl will have the names to look the other girls up.

I know I had a lot of fun creating the book.  I hope she enjoyed receiving it!

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