Sunday, October 18, 2015

Watercolor Pencils with Fallen Leaves

Want to see the difference between the watercolor paint and watercolor pencils?  I wanted to see the difference with my latest card -- I talked about it the other day.

Here is the watercolor pencil version of the Three is a Charm (modified from Originals) card...
After I embossed the leaves with Gold embossing powder, I took my watercolor pencils and colored the leaves.  Purples and Greens for the one on the left.  Yellows, Oranges, and a little Red for the middle leaf.  And Purples and Pinks for the leaf on the right.  Then I took a paint brush with a little water on it, and blended the pencil marks together!

Did you go look at the other card yet?  Can you tell the difference between the two?  Here, look at them side by side (I'll even make the picture bigger)...
You can't really tell the difference, can you?  I even had a hard time telling them apart!  The back card is the watercolor PENCIL card.

So why am I showing you this?  Because you may want to give those pencils another try.  The thing I like about the pencils is that I put the color exactly where I want it.  If I want more color, I layer the pencil more.  Then I blend it with water, and I get beautiful colors.

However, the watercolor PAINT colors can be more natural because there is more color variation as the brush dries and I'm applying the color.

Will I give up one for the other?  NO WAY!  Both methods have their advantage.  For this card, I love the look either way!

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