Sunday, February 21, 2016

Don't Panic, Just Create

Bam! A card holder to give as a gift. : )

After a successful Science Olympiad season, Lindsey's Anatomy class was having a party to celebrate.  I had met her three teachers during the event on Feb. 6th.  To thank them for their time - the class met for 3 hours a week for the past month (1.5 hours per week since October) - I wanted to give them cards.  I created the card I showed you last week, and I pulled two other cards I had on hand.

Sometimes it's not the cards I struggle with, but how to give them.  For my marketing teacher, I just wrapped the cards with ribbon and called it a day.  I was okay with that, but I thought there has to be a better way to present the cards.

Instead of just ribbon, I was going to wrap the cards in tissue paper and wrap that with ribbon.  It seemed too cheesy for me though.  Then the light bulb turned on!  Why not use our Designer Creations Slate Paper Bags?!  Sure enough, they are large enough to hold three cards and envelopes.  Happy dance!  Wait, I should put something on the bag, shouldn't I?

Something quick and something simple is all I had time for.  I thought, "what about some ribbon and a focal point?"  I grabbed my Banner Wishes (B1438) stamp set because I don't use it as much as I'd like.  I stamped out the Banner and "Thank You" on the banner. "Thank You" is only an outline and I didn't think it showed up well enough so I colored the letters in with Turquoise Shin Han Marker (Z2465).  I also added some color to the banner.

Ribbon was next on the agenda.  I didn't have any I was happy with.  But I did have some Teal Glitter Paper (Z1991) that would match.  I did have Teal Shimmer Trim (Z1918), but at 0.5", I didn't think it was wide enough.  I cut the Teal Glitter paper at 0.75" and was happy with that.

Last thing I added was the bird from Junebug Puffies (on the clearance list for $1.34 right now), and mounted the banner.

All said and done - all three - thirty minutes!

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