Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday April 28, 2016

Our recreational softball league has two more games.  We played Tuesday night, and play tonight for seeding purposes.  There are only three teams in our age division, so the first place team will automatically play in the championship game.

Our team is made up of new players and lots of girls without much experience.  Some of the girls want to learn and get better; some who don't care that much.  It's hard for me to understand the girls who don't care.  Why not try your best?  Why not play to help your team and teammates?  Why not care, and make a correction when a mistake is made?  You would think all the girls are there to have fun.

I chose this quote because of it all.
From the coaches perspective:  Does this mean the better players should play the majority of the game in an attempt to win (our team has won two games out of 13)?  If that's the case, then surely the coach can say he couldn't have done better.

But what about those players sitting more? How do they define success?  Will the players come back next year because the team won with them on the bench?

Personally I think that scenario is for All-Stars.  This is recreational softball.  All the girls should have a chance to play, even if that means we will probably lose.  It's the larger picture that's important.  After all, after this weekend the season will be over.  Some players still won't care.  Some players may have made the play of her life, and talk about it for years to come (or maybe think about the play).  Most of all, though, I hope each girl plays her best.

Good luck, girls.  Have some fun!

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