Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love the "Year-Round Cheer" Stamp of the Month

December 2012 will not be cold once you purchase this stamp of the month set available from the 1st through the 31st of December 2012.  With this versatile stamp set you're set for the year.  Making a set of cards using this set, in fact, could make the perfect holiday gift!  Who wouldn't want to receive homemade cards for her own use?!  I would love that (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Aren't these cards awesome?!  The Flirty paper packet teamed with Twilight cardstock make these cards (and layout) gender neutral.  PERFECT!

I know my mind is racing with ideas, how about you?  Are you going to order the set now for $17.95 or $5 (with $50 qualifying order)?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

CTMH Artiste Noel/HoHoHo Key Blog Hop

I hope you've been enjoying this month's blog hop.  We've been exploring the Noel/HoHoHo key found on page 79 of the Artiste Cricut Collection.  And if you've come from Tasha Valdez's blog (, you are on the correct path.  Just joining, no problem!  This hop makes a loop, so you won't miss any of the fun by jumping in here.

This month, for me, was about getting the most bang for the buck.  I used 4 different images (not to mention several sizes) from the same button.  I am more of a winter type gal so the mittens suited my project beautifully!

The bag was cut at 5.25" (the largest cut) from Whisper cardstock.  The overall height is 5" as mentioned in the booklet.  The mittens were cut at 2.5" using Champagne (overlay) and Chocolate (base) cardstock.  And the snowflakes were cut from Sky cardstock at 0.75", 1", and 1.25".

To distress the paper, I used the Whisper ink pad directly on the paper.  I like moving the pad in a circular motion to create the movement you see (especially in the third picture).

Final touches makes my project special.  Adding snowflakes to the back of the bag is one thing.  I added the neutral Baker's Twine  to the mittens is a second way.  You can't see in the picture, but I tacked the twine down with Liquid Glass so that when the bag is upright, the twine won't fall over. And finally, since I wanted the bag to stay closed, I added a Velcro Dot (love the size!).

Though this key is named Noel and HoHoHo, your project doesn't need to be red and green. This bag can be used as a birthday gift bag through the month of February.  Don't be afraid to change things up!  Before you go see another inspiring project at Rebecca Nelson's blog (, bookmark my blog and come back again.

Now go... :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Save the Date!

Put an X through December 8th, 2012 from 10am to 2pm so you won't miss the Holiday Craft Workshop!  You'll get the chance to put together gifts for the family, friends, and office mates.  It's a pay as you go event and you can make as many items as you want (or can, while supplies last).

It's an event you won't want to miss!  More details to follow, but it's only 30 days away, so again, mark your calendars!  :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November SOTM Just Got Better!

Due to the severe weather, CTMH wants to help those in the affected areas of the US hit by hurricane Sandy.  That's why we've made the November special even sweeter!
When you purchase over $50 in full retail product, you'll be able to purchase the "Capture the Date" D-sized stamp set for $5.  When you do, you will receive any A-E and M sized stamp set at 50% off!

But what makes this special even better, is that with the $5 purchase, CTMH will be adding $1 to the Red Cross relief efforts.

Capture the Date is great on cards and scrapbook layouts.  One example from corporate teamed a project to the Cricut Craft Room and welded some letters.  Go check everything out at and join the "Order for the Holidays" gathering now!

A look at the Stamp of the Month.  Not actual size.

November's Stamp of the Month -- "Capture the Date"

Are you ready to make your calendar and events fun?  Then this is the stamp set for you.  Available only between November 1 and 31,2012, "Capture the Date" can be yours.

Check out these samples from corporate:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Details to Artiste "Thanksgiving/Give Thanks" Blog Hop Napkin Rings

Thanks for coming and checking out how I made the napkin rings.  The first thing I did was cut out the rings on Kraft cardstock at 2".  I was able to five per page.  Once I cut the desired number, I changed to the Flirty background and texture paper (B&T).  I used the Autumn Terracotta leafed side, and cut the same number of napkin rings as before.

Next, I cut the Maple leaf at 3/4" from Ruby cardstock.  I used two per napkin ring.  I can't do anything too simple, so I mirrored the image for half of them.  Once those were cut out, they were sponged with Ruby ink.

The Oak leaves are next.  These leaves were also cut at 3/4" out of Flirty Yellow cardstock (found in the Flirty paper packet).  And then the leaves were doubled sponged.  The first layer was Honey ink, followed by Ruby ink.  To me that gave the leaves a great fall color-changing effect.

One more image to cut... The words "Give Thanks" also comes from page 78!  Cocoa cardstock was cut at 3/4" to fit the face of the napkin ring.  I turned my cut speed down to 2 because the image size was so small and the saying so detailed.  It took a little longer to cut, but the image came out clean.

Final preparation step was to take the Flirty B&T napkin rings and trim off the "arms" of the ring.  I curved them to match the contour of the center. I was left with only the center of the ring (as shown in the picture).

CONFESSION: I just realized that I did stamp on this project.  If you look really closely at the center ring on the left side, you'll see some color past the Flirty paper.  Why this is important is because of the next step -- stamping -- which is optional.  If you skip this part, it's no big deal, your rings will look like the right sample.  I took the large swirly stamp from the Instant Memories (C1466) and stamped it in Ruby ink going out onto the arms from the center of the the ring.  The second side is upside down, but you won't really notice, so don't worry about it.  The Flirty B&T will be covering the center of the ring so I didn't bother masking the center.  Finally (for this optional step), randomly place Bitty Sparkles (Z1263) along the swirls.  I used three per arm (remembering that the arms will overlap when assembled.

Assembly comes next.  I used Bonding Memory glue to adhere the Flirty B&T paper to the center of the Kraft ring.  They should match up perfectly!  Since the rings will be handled, I used the Bonding Memory Glue for the leaves too.  These were kept at the bottom.  And I used that glue for the words that went on top of the leaves.  Done.

A bitty Opaques - Mocha (Z1333) was used as the dot on the "i".  Two final steps remain.  The first is to carefully round the ring so that it becomes round.  I rounded mine in my hands until it was circular.  I had to go back on some rings and add more Bonding Memory glue to keep the Flirty paper down (must have missed those spots).  And finally, adhere the two ends together.  My rings overlapped by 1/2".

Throw a napkin through your ring, and you really done.  :)  Not too bad!

CTMH Artiste Cricut Cartridge "Thanksgiving/Give Thanks" Key Blog Hop

The Paper Cupcakes team is at it again this month with another blog hop.  This time we're featuring the Artiste Cricut Cartridge, but more directly, those cuts from page 78.  That's the 16 images which include fall leaves, a napkin ring, leaves cupcake liner, the words "Give Thanks" and "Thanksgiving", cards, and more!

If you've come from Tasha Valdez's website, you are on the right track.   Don't worry if you just started, the cool thing about this hop is you'll get to go see everyone's artwork who participated by following the links.  And if you'd like to start at the beginning, hop on over to Bren Yule's blog.  She's the fearless leader of the Paper Cupcakes.

My family's Thanksgiving Day tradition was my inspiration for my top sample.  Every other year ('cuz the other year is an in-law turkey day), my family (sisters' families and parents) of 15 descends upon a family friend for the big day.  With her family, there are now 25 of us in the house.  The four grandparents eat in the living room.  The "childults" eat in the dining room, and the young grandkids (4 of them two years ago) in the den off of the kitchen.  I'm not sure what the seating is going to be this year, but we're going to have a great time!  Anyway,  what I came up with...are napkin rings!

Come back later today and see what went into making these napkin rings.  ONLY ARTISTE CARTRIDGE, PAGE 78, FOUND HERE!

I also made this pumpkin using the same key.  I used the stamp set So Grateful (B1395) with Autumn Terracotta on Sunset.  One nice thing about this cartridge is that when you choose your size for the pumpkin, the leaf and vine are automatically chosen to be proportional!

But enough about me and my creations, go check out what Karen Barber created!  Don't forget to come back after lunch to see how I made the napkin rings.  :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get Organized with Close to my Heart Organizers

What a great organizational tool CTMH has given us!  One thing Brian didn't mention in the video is that the organizers are clear.  Of course you see that, but what it means is that you can look into the organizers and see what you've put, or forgot to put, into it!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Base and Shade Stamping

Christine and Monica are showing us the base and shade stamping technique in this episode of "Clearly the Best".  Check it out.

Would you be interested in making one of the Display Tray found at the end of the video?  I'm thinking that would be really cute in Spring colors... that may have to be a workshop in March of 2013.  What am I thinking?  What about in November?!  Please let me know through email (grab my email address from my website) if you'd like to do a workshop with it by the end of October.  It would/could make for a great Holiday gift in the appropriate colors.  Ooh, the possibilities are coming out.  Share your ideas and thoughts about the idea.  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christmas is in the Air

October's stamp of the month is "Very Merry Christmas" S1210, indicating that it's okay to turn our attention to December.  Here are some samples and the stamp set.  :)

You can purchase this stamp set for $17.95, or with a purchase of $50, you can get it for just another $5.  Go ahead and order what you'll need for your Christmas cards now and get the stamp set for $5.

The mitten, ornament, two tags, and "a holiday treat" correspond to the Cricut Artiste Collection so you'll save lots of time there!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cricut Cartridge Collections from Close to my Heart -- Art Philosophy and Artiste -- add so much to the art of paper crafting.  Both cartridges have 700 images, with many coordinating with our stamps.  One of the best things about the cartridges is not having to cut.  The stamp holder tells you what size to cut your image, so once you cut the image to that size, you just stamp right on the paper and WHAM, you're done!

It's a large purchase, as a whole, so we're going to break it down with this month's workshop.  We're going to create a book where we'll be putting samples and taking notes so you can repeat the class process at home.  The class will give you more confidence that you're using your Cricut machine to the maximum potential and fall in love with our cartridge every time you use them!  If you've purchased either cartridge from me, this first class will be $5.  If you purchased the cartridge from someone else, you are more than welcome to come for $15.

Workshop dates are Tuesday October 23rd and Wednesday October 24th from 7 to 9pm both nights.  The class size will be limited due to space because you'll be bringing your machine with you!  :)  Please let me know if you're coming by Tuesday October 16th.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

CTMH "Make it From Your Heart" Pattern Publication

Most of you may have noticed that the how-to books are no longer in our CTMH idea book.  That's because they've been replaced with a smaller version called "Make it From Your Heart".  A new publication will be available with every new idea book with fresh new patterns and examples.  Take a look at this video to learn and see a little more.

You can visit my website to shop.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marker Magic with CTMH Alcohol Markers

Here's a video to get your creative juices going using our alcohol markers within a project.

I'm waiting for my markers, and can't wait to see what they can do!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Fall Favorites" Stamp of the Month for Sept. 2012

Fall is upon us and is a great time to think about pumpkins, scarecrows, and well, Fall.  September's stamp of the month (SOTM) will do just that.  You can purchase the "Fall Favorites" D-sized set for $17.95 or, with a $50 purchase, you can own it for an additional $5.  That's wonderfall savings.  ;)
What will you create with your set?!  Shop online right now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CTMH Artiste Video

The Cricut Artiste Collection comes with two booklets.  One for the images and one for assembling the 3D objects.  See how easy you can create with this awesome cartridge!

Right now would be a great time to buy this Cricut Artiste Collection because you'll be able to purchase the Stamp of the Month "Baroque Borders" S1208 for $5 and the "It's Your Day" double stamp special for $5.  In total, you'll get 6 D-sized stamp sets (3 exclusive to the cartridge), 3 dimensional elements sheets corresponding to some of the images, and the Cartridge with 700 images on it for $109 plus shipping and tax.  

And when you order the Artiste Collection,  I'll send you an index for all of the Artiste images.  The alphabetical index lets you look up what type of image you'd like to cut and then you can go directly to the page within the spiral bound book.  No more hunting for what you want!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Too Early for Halloween?

It's never too early to get ready for Halloween, although with the latest Artiste Cricut Collection, you'll be able to procrastinate more.

How cute would these make as a party favor filled with finger gummies, or eyeball gummies or gum?  Any body part would go well with the saying.

This coffin was cut on Kraft paper at half the maximum size -- 3.75" -- and then stamped with the Backdrop-Charmed stamp set using Black ink.  I almost covered the lid completely, but what it didn't cover wasn't missed.  You'll want to stamp before you assemble.

The saying  mat is cut from Slate paper at 1.50" and the cat is 1" from Black paper.  I bent the cat's legs in opposite directions to create the feet and then used Liquid Glass to adhere the cat to the lid (after it was assembled).

You can decorate your house with the full sized version of the coffin.  It doesn't look bigger than the upper one, but it is cut at 7.5".  This one isn't as elaborately decorated because it was my first one and the Artiste cartridge was much newer (I couldn't take too long to decorate -- there were more images to cut)! 

Everything paper came from the Artiste cartridge.  The skeleton is two separate images but you cut them at the same size so they match.  The word "Boo!" is also cut from the cartridge.  I'm telling you, with 698 different and new images from Art Philosophy, these two cartridges are the only ones I use (and need to use)!

So where are these images on the cartridge?  For those of us who have the Expressions 2, I refer to images on a Column Row grid.  For instance, the coffins are found at C6R5.  That's column 6 row 5.  And it's the 3D object.  If you have an earlier version of Cricut, then it's on the "Eek!" key.  The cat (card) and skeleton (accent 2 and accent 2 shift) are found on the same key.

The focal mats (card and card shift) and "Boo!" (shift) are found on the C7R5 or "Halloween" key.

On these two cartridge keys you'll also find a tombstone with overlay, an owl, spider web, web border, "Spooky", a bat folded card, banners, yo-yos, pumpkin faces, web cupcake liner, spider, and a box with decorations.

Want a Halloween kit fit for a party?  Check out and order the Workshop on the Go Spellbound Cricut Kit.  You'll have instructions to make a party for 8 including treat bags, cupcake picks and liners, soda wraps, and a banner.  The paper is only available in this kit and can be yours for $32.95 (plus tax and shipping).

Products Used (all CTMH):
Z1789  Kraft Cardstock
Z1790  Cricut Artiste Collection
X5930  Slate Cardstock
1386     Black Cardstock
Z1701   Neutral Assortment Baker's Twine
Z2118   Desert Sand Ink (sponged around all edges)

Small Coffin:
D1490  Backdrop -- Charmed
B1399  Crafted with Love (saying - found in Spring/Summer 2012)
Z2105  Black Ink
Z2173  Slate Ink
Z1393  Black Mini Medley Accents Collection
Z679    Liquid Glass
Z1741  Haunted Assortment
Z1151  3D Foam Tape

Large Coffin:
Z1335  Licorice Opaques Adhesive Gems

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

July Workshop Extra Samples Close Up

Let me show you the additional 6 cards I created with the Stella Complements Canvas Shapes and Paper Packet.  Four of the five patterns can be found in Jeanette Lynton's Wishes how-to book.  The fifth is a new pattern.

The first one is Lower Layers.  It is almost identical to its partner -- the color of the flowers are the only difference.  Sunset ink was rubbed on the Sunset cardstock to lend the muddled look of the cardstock.  I like the look -- it adds texture without adding an additional color.  A Lagoon Baker's Twine knot was glued with Liquid Glass onto the green canvas button.  The small flower was mounted on foam tape.

Next we have Top View.  The Sunset paper was scored every 1/4" and then sanded to show the white core.  The Cocoa square was also sanded for continuity.

Sentiment Wave is one of my favorite patterns.  Since I didn't have the round sentiment to use as in my original card, I put  a small flower and flourishes surrounding the flower.  The color of the center of the flower was darkend by placing another canvas image on top.   I also direct to paper edge distressed all paper and card base.  Wishes comes with a printable template for the wavy piece.  To recreate it on the flap, just trace a second copy of the corner.  Once I glued the paper onto the card base flap, I trimmed the excess paper from the curved flap.

From there we go to the Top it Off pattern.  The stitched border is from a zip strip from one of the background and textured papers.  The papers are all direct to paper edge distressed with Lagoon ink.  To have the curved paper on the flap, I center aligned the cut paper to the flap (toward the edge of the paper so as not too cut too much off) and traced the curve.  I then trimmed along the traced line.

And, finally, we reach the New Pattern.  It might be new, but this bird and branch are facing the opposite direction than the original.  Only the light background and texture paper received the direct to paper edge distressing with Cocoa ink.  The bird is mounted.

There were several Complement images left so I created one more card.  The pattern I based this card on is one from the new "Make It from Your Heart" Volume 1 how-to publication.  The card is 5"x7".  I apologize for the blurry picture.  The saying is mounted on Cocoa cardstock.  The base of the card is Olive.

To complete the workshop, you'll need these products (all CTMH):
X7147B  Stella Paper Packet
X7147C  Stella Complements Canvas Shapes
Z2114     Cocoa Ink
Z2195      Lagoon Ink
Z2191      Sunset Ink
Z1738      Colonial White Die-Cut Cards and Envelopes
Z1151      3D Foam Tape
Z1702      Paradise Assortment Baker's Twine
Wishes how-to program

Monday, August 20, 2012

July Stella Workshop -- Extra Samples

At my workshops I have two samples of each card or project.  July's workshop was no exception.  What makes the second set of samples different from the first set this month is that they are slightly different than the first set.

"Huh?", you might be asking?  In July we didn't stamp anything.  We created five 3.5"x8" cards with the Stella Compliments which are canvas images.  Each participate got her own Compliments and then created the cards as I did or however she wanted.  The cards I posted were half of the finished project.

After completing my 10 cards, I had several Compliment images left, so I created a 5"x7" card.  Below are the 11 cards I showed at the workshop:

As you can see, some of the images were close enough to give me two of the "same" card.  The word images didn't allow for that and I improvised.

Since I outlined what was done in my original five cards, I'll show you up close the remaining six cards in the coming week.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

National Stamping Month 2012

September is National Stamping month, and this year Close to my Heart is celebrating with a double stamp set.  There are 47 images in the "It's Your Day" stamp set, which retails for $35.90.  You can add it to your $35 qualifying purchase for just $5.  But don't wait too long because it's only available while supplies last or September 30, 2012 (whichever comes first).

Here is the stamp set images with examples!

I hope you had a chance to look at my post from the Paper Cupcake's Blog Hop.  Jump over if you missed it.  You can view the Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book or go straight to shop.

I have a suggestion for you.  NOW is the opportune time to purchase the Cricut Artiste Collection or Cricut Art Philosophy Collection for $99 because you can get the Stamp of the Month for $5 and this double set for $5.  So, for $109 you get 6 D-sized stamp sets (6*$17.95= $107.70) PLUS the 700 imaged Artiste Cricut Cartridge PLUS 3 Dimensional Elements Sheets(3*4.95=$14.85) that coordinate with the cartridge.

DID I DO THE MATH RIGHT?!  With this deal you are basically getting the Cricut cartridge and the dimensional elements FREE for the cost of the 6 stamp sets.  All I can say is, BUY NOW!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"It's Your Day" Paper Cupcake's Blog Hop

If you've come from Tasha Valdez's blog you are on the right path!  If you're starting with me, welcome aboard!  Jump on in and continue (or go backward and catch up).  I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen so far.

I enjoyed playing with this stamp set so much, I've made it into my card workshop for the month of August.  More details about how to participate in the workshop even if you're far away can be found on Monday's post.

So here are 5 card samples using the "It's Your Day" double stamp set.  You can earn this stamp set for $5 with a qualifying purchase of $35 or more.  Don't wait too long because it's only available August 15 - September 30, 2012 while supplies last!  You can purchase it through an open gathering found on my website in the lower right corner.

More details pertaining to these rockin' cards will be posted throughout the month of September.  Bookmark this blog so you can come back and check it out.

If you've filled your senses enough here, hop on over to Linda Taylor's blog to see what she's created using the "It's Your Day" stamp set.

Thanks for stopping by!  :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

August Card Workshop - "It's Your Day"

I've been working with a double stamp set that will be available to purchase for $5 after a qualifying purchase of $35 August 15 through September 30, 2012 (while supplies last).  I'm even participating in a blog hop with 7 fellow consultants.

I'm only putting information about the workshop here -- no pictures until the 15th.  Come back then to see the 5 cards we'll be making for $12.

Besides stamping with 17 images from the set (47 separate images total within the set), you'll get to work with a sampling of 4 paper packets (3 are new) and images from the new totally awesome Artiste Cricut Collection!

Workshop dates are Monday August 27th and Tuesday August 28th from 7 to 9pm at my house (Sabre Springs, San Diego).  If you'd like to participate but can't make those dates or live too far, no problem.  I will be happy to put together a kit for you.  Shipping costs will be added to the price of the workshop.

Please let me know if you're coming by August 19th.  If you'd like a kit, you can order one anytime during the month (I'll send it out as soon as it's put together).

Thanks, and I hope to see you soon.  :)

Check out the cards you'll be making during the "It's Your Day" blog hop starting August 15th.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Final Close Up Look of Cards 9 and 10

Finally, we reached the last two cards of the this workshop found in Wishes.  The cutting diagrams on page 68 made cutting and assembling these cards a cinch.  The best thing is that with the diagrams you'll end up with 20 cards -- two each of ten designs.

Here is the ninth card:
This one was finished really simply.  I edge distressed each piece of paper with our edge distresser.  (tip: I always stamp my image before distressing the paper so that I can line it up easier with clean lines.)  The saying is mounted with 3-D foam tape.  And the card is finished off with three different flowers from the Floret Just Bloom Flowers, topped off with a brown sparkle from the Brown and Tan Sparkle Assortment.  Super fast and easy.

And last, but not least, is a fun card.  I've been reading that mustaches are fashionable right now.  So of course our Artiste Cartridge Collection is going to include one!
I teamed the mustache up with a saying within the Collection and matching dimensional element.  I've added watercolor lines to the mustache.  And looking at it right now, the mustache could double as some hair that's bouncing away from a man's head (or a girl's bangs).  Not that I know when and where you'd use those options... I just saying you could use it for those purposes too.  :)

The saying has been inked in Twilight ink and then rolled in Pacifica ink.  I did stamp the saying on a Artiste cut out because I thought the White Daisy Dimensional Element would be too bright.  The saying is stamped, instead, on Colonial White paper. For the underlying mat I cut another word bubble out of Cashmere cardstock 0.5" larger than the saying size (the size of that is found on the stamp carrier).  I simply cut the tail off.  I cut the tail off because it didn't match up correctly with the saying tail.  And I didn't want to have to "guess" the size of the oval.  I could have found the oval on the Art Philosophy Cartridge and increased the size too, but what if the shapes were slightly different.  Also, this way, I didn't have to change cartridge.

The Sorbet cardstock is direct to paper ink distressed with -- you guessed it -- Sorbet ink.

And that's it.  Wishes is a great book to own if you like making cards.  It can be found online as we no longer sell it.  However, I'm delighted to tell you we have an alternative.  We now have a new how-to publication called Make It from Your Heart which will come out with every new Idea Book.  The cost is $7.95 plus shipping and tax, has 16 two-page layouts, two one-page layouts, and 12 card designs.  The publication has updated artwork and plenty of tips to keep your creative juices going.

Products Used (all CTMH):
X7156B  Clementine paper packet
X7153B  Florentine paper packet
X1410     Colonial White Card and Envelopes
Z1151      3-D Foam Tape
Z2160      Twilight ink

"God be with You" card:
C1524  Words of Comfort
Z1297   Edge Distresser
Z1764   Just Bloom Flowers -- Floret
Z1753   Brown and Tan Assortment Sparkles

"You make me smile" card:
Z1790  Artiste Cricut Cartridge Collection
3505     Watercolor Pencils
Z2194   Pacifica ink
Z2160   Sorbet ink

Wishes Card Workshop Cards 7 and 8

The past few days I've been sharing with you cards from the Wishes card how-to program book.  Over the course of the day, I'll share the remaining four cards.

Cards 7 and 8 are fall cards.  It's easy to get caught up in all new stamps but there are some good ones that were around last year too.  These two cards are good examples.  As a reminder, the paper I used for all ten cards have been Clementine Paper Packet (more specifically, Sorbet and Saddle cardstock, and the small floral B&T paper) but I've changed the flavor of each card with different stamps and finishings (is that a word?).

Harvest Happiness stamp set sets this card up.  That stamp set also corresponds with the Art Philosophy Cricut collection, which is what I used to cut out the leaves and the saying.  I rolled the leaves before I stamped.

Rolling technique:
  • For the large leaves, I inked the stamp in Creme Brulee ink and then rolled the edges of the stamp in Sorbet ink.  You want to do this slowly so the center of the stamp doesn't get covered with the second color.
  • For the small leaves, I used a second generation rendering of Sorbet and then rolled the stamp in Creme Brulee ink.  Remember that a second generation is obtained after stamping once on scratch paper with a well inked stamp.
  • When using two different colors such as I have, you want to clean your stamp between images so that you don't put darker ink onto the lighter ink pad.
  • You can achieve a rolled look with the same color -- second generation then roll in same color.  In this case you would not have to clean your stamp.  :)

To finish the card:  the saying has been mounted; the swirls behind the leaves are in Twilight ink; the leaves have been edge sponged with Creme Brulee or Sorbet, whichever the rolled color was; and sparkles from our new Brown and Tan Assortment have been randomly placed on the card.

Card 8 also has autumn written all over it.  Here I used the So Grateful stamp set to achieve this look.
The pumpkin base was stamped on a separate piece of colonial white paper with Sunset ink.  The words were then stamped on top with Autumn Terracotta ink.  Before the image was cut out, I stamped the stem and tendrils, as well as the leaves, with Olive ink.  The tendrils and stem are attached to the pumpkin.  And do you see, I used the rolling technique on two of the leaves!

To add a little more dimension to the focal, I bent the leaves a little before gluing just the center down (so the leaf's edges lift up a little bit).  I also stamped the tendrils on the Saddle paper which you can see to the right of the stem.  The card was finished with direct to paper edge distressing with Sorbet ink.

Products Used (all CTMH):
X7156B  Clementine Paper packet
X7153B  Florentine Paper packet
X1410     Colonial White Card and Envelopes
Z1151      3-D Foam Tape
1388        Colonial White cardstock
Z2164  Sorbet ink

"Splendid Day" card:
C1463  Harvest Happiness
Z1686  Art Philosophy Cricut Collection
Z2160  Twilight ink
Z2167  Creme Brulee ink
Z1753  Brown and Tan Sparkle Assortment

Pumpkin card:
B1395  So Grateful
Z2101  Autumn Terracotta ink
Z2191  Sunset ink
Z2137  Olive ink

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Stamp of the Month

It's a new month -- and what an exciting month!  We have a new Idea Book filled with new stamps, markers, paper, and product.

Each month we feature a new, limited time only, stamp set.  This month is no exception.  August's stamp of the month is called Baroque Borders.  This stamp set can be yours for purchase at $17.95 plus shipping and tax.  Or, by spending $50 (pretotal), you can buy it for $5!  That's 72% off.

Here are two additional samples I made using the stamp set.  Well, first, here is the stamp set:
And here are the samples:

If you'd like to read more detail on how these cards were made, click here.

Cards 5 and 6 of Wishes Workshop

Yesterday I posted the 10 cards I prepared for my girlfriend's open house which I forgot to take to her.  And earlier today I posted cards 3 and 4.  Now it's time for cards 5 and 6.

This "Celebrate Today" card was inspired by the left card on page 63 of the Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book.  I wanted to create that look and August's stamp of the month fit the bill.  The base Sorbet cardstock was stamped with VersaMark, as was the focal image, and then embossed with Clear Detail Embossing Powder.

Unlike the background stamp, the focal image was sponged over so if it looks darker, it is.  Because the image was embossed, that part of the cardstock is resistant to the ink.  The darker parts are where the ink hit the cardstock.  The final steps were mounting the focal image and adding the Cottage Assortment embellishment.

The sixth card also uses August's stamp of the month.

I wanted to show the versatility of August's Stamp of the Month - Baroque Borders with this sixth card.  The stamp was stamped first generation then moved slightly and then stamped in second generation.  A second generation image was stamped on the other side of the first generation image.  Do they look like wings?!  I guess they are a little lopsided wings...

The zip strip from Clementine was utilized as ribbon here and three bling buttons were added to the strip.  The love stamp was mounted after being edge distressed with the edge distresser and then with Creme Brulee ink and the direct to paper technique.  Simple and fun card.

I'll share the last four cards tomorrow.  :)

Products Used (all CTMH):
X7156B  Clementine Paper Packet
X7153B  Florentine Paper Packet
X1410     Colonial White Cards and Envelopes
S1208     Baroque Borders (August Stamp of the Month)
Z2164     Sorbet ink
Z1151     3-D Foam Tape

"Celebrate Today" card:
Z891   VersaMark ink
Z821   Clear Detail Embossing Powder
Z555   Craft Heater
Z1794  Cottage Assortment

"Love" card:
A1131  Seal Love
Z2117  Crystal Blue ink
Z2167  Creme Brulee ink
Z1466  Bling Assortment
Z1297  Edge Distresser

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wishes Cards 3 and 4 Close Up

Card three was fun to do because only images from the new Cricut Artiste Collection were used to create this card.  Who doesn't have a need for birthday cards?  The great thing about the collection is that you get three stamp sets that correspond  with the Cricut  cartridge and can only be found in the collection.  The saying is from a second stamp set that comes with the collection.  The stamped image was symmetrical but I cut the right side straight with the edge of the card.

If you look closely, you'll see holes on the white focal paper.  I lined up our Ruler and poked the holes.  I thought about adding floss but decided against it because I didn't want that to compete with the Opaques on top of the cupcake.  Now, if you look at the cupcake itself, you'll notice that is comprised of three different colors.  The image was stamped with Twilight (icing), Creme Brulee (wrapper), and Desert Sand (cake itself), and then cut out individually.  These three images could have been cut with the Cricut, but I wanted to cut it really close (and honestly, I didn't cut the images out to see how close the stamped images would have come to the edge of the cut out).  If  you were to lift up an Opaque (there are two types), you would find "sprinkles" which I used for placement.  :)

The cupcake is mounted on top of the mounted focal.  The "hip-hip-hooray" is also mounted.  And finally, the edges of the card is distressed with Sorbet ink with the direct to paper technique.

The fourth card,

I sprayed a water and Sorbet re-inker mixture onto the base and let it dry. The spray adds visual interest to the otherwise plain Colonial White card base.  Not that there isn't a time for plain which can create clean lines and beauty of its own.  I just don't think this was the time.

The words are stamped in Outdoor Denim and the flowers are in Sorbet.  The stamp set has a single flower and one that's attached to the swirl.  I put the two together to create the first image (top and bottom).  I then removed the single flower and stamped.  Looks like one stamp, huh?!

The blue ribbon was added to the back of the focal which was edge distressed with our edge distresser and the whole thing was mounted.

Products Used (all CTMH):
X7156B  Clementine paper packet
X7153B  Florentine paper packet
X1410     Colonial White Cards and Envelopes
Z1151      3-D Foam Tape
Z2164  Sorbet ink

"Hip-Hip-Hooray" card:
Z1790 Cricut Artiste Collection
Z1333  Mocha Opaques
Z1336  Pearl Opaques
Z2167  Creme Brulee ink
Z2160  Twilight ink
Z2118  Desert Sand ink
Z1471  Ruler

"Love and Hugs" Card:
C1525 Words of Comfort
Z1380  Spray Pen
Z1385  Blue Ribbon Collection
Z2264  Sorbet re-inker
Z2140  Outdoor Denim ink
Z1297  Edge Distresser

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Up Close Look at Cards 1 and 2

To remind you, these two cards were cut from the 10 card workshop in Wishes.  The paper is the same but, as you can see, the cards have a completely different feel from each other.

The "Thanks" focal corners were created by using our 1.25" circle rounder.  I put just the corner into the cutter to create the concave look.  The flowers I stamped in Creme Brulee and then colored in with our watercolor pencils (Sorbet and Orange).  I then took some water and a paint brush and lightly blended the inks together.  I had really wanted to use our new alcohol markers, but I can't even order them until tomorrow - just like you.  I had originally colored and cut out another flower to mount above the word "thanks" but thought otherwise once I mounted the word.

The card needed something else which is why I added the Baker's Twine.  It adds so much to the card.  Oh, if you think the pollen looks shiny, you'd be right.  I used Liquid Glass dots on them to bring them out.

For the second card,
No stamping done on this card, just like my July workshop. :)  The sentiment is from the Clementine Complements which is canvas.  The sentiment is mounted.  The bottom right corner and edge of the card has been sanded slightly to add visual interest.  Those two buttons are Twilight and topped with Creme Brulee Baker's Twine knot (and attached with Liquid Glass).

Products Used (all CTMH):
X7156B  Clementine Paper Packet
X7153B  Florentine Paper Packet
X1410    Colonial White Cards and Envelopes
Z1151    3-D Foam Tape
Z679    Liquid Glass

"Thanks" Card:
C1494  Card Word Puzzle
D1444  A Little Thanks
Z2160  Twilight ink
Z2167  Creme Brulee ink
3505    Watercolor Pencils
Z1311  1.25" Circle Punch
Z1701  Neutral Assortment Baker's Twine

"Friends..." Card:
X7156C Clementine Complements
Z1702     Paradise Baker's Twine
Z1371     Blue Assortment Buttons
Z1294     Sanding Kit

Autumn/Winter 2012 Card Samples

I made these 10 cards for my good friend Heather Plotzke's open house she's having tonight on Camp Pendleton Base.  The only problem was that these cards didn't make it into the box with the other samples I had for her!!  So frustrating.

The good news, however, is that I get to post these pictures sooner.

I used two paper packets for these 10 cards.  I used the paper for all 10 cards because I used the cutting diagram from the 10 card workshop from Wishes how-to-program book.  The blue paper came from Florentine paper packet while the rest came from the new Clementine paper packet.  If you look at the Clementine paper packet (available to view August 1, 2012), you'll notice that there is a similar blue background paper in there.  The reason I didn't use that paper is to show you that you don't have to stick to one paper packet.  Mix and match the paper!  Go on, I dare you.  :)

So here is an overview of all 10 cards.  I'll have individual posts for an up close look at the cards.  Since I stuck with the same paper throughout, I changed the stamps and accessories as much as I could.  I haven't even gotten to play with all of the new goodies in this Idea Book.  I hope you like what you see.  :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Workshop Up Close

I thought you'd like to see the five cards we made up close.  :)

This first card is Lower Layers.  The Sunset paper has been inked with Sunset ink, and Cocoa paper inked with Cocoa ink.  The small flower has been raised with mounting foam.  The green button has a piece of tied Lagoon Baker's twine.  A second card can be easily made to match this one.  The flower color and sizes have been swapped.
This second card is a new pattern from CTMH.  It was developed for the Stella Workshop on the Go project.  The bird is raised with mounting foam.  The green and colonial white paper has been direct to paper edge distressed.  There is a second branch and bird, so a second card can easily be made.
Sentiment Wave is the name of this third card.  I duplicated the top part of the template on the flap of the die cut card.  When you lift the flap, the design is also there.  I think this saying is nice and can be used as a thinking of you for a family member.  Our family is often overlooked.  It would feel really good to get a card in the mail out of the blue.  :)  Everything has been direct to paper edge distressed in Cocoa ink (including the circle saying).  To duplicate this card, you could use some of the left over flowers in place of the circle.
The fourth card of the workshop was this Top It Off card.  The stitched pieces of paper is the zip strip from one of the background and textured papers.  The papers are direct to paper edge distressed in Lagoon ink.
Finally, we have the Top View pattern from Wishes.  I've enlarged the Cocoa square to be 3"x3" to frame the flower.  the leaves are a separate canvas shape.  Here the Sunset paper has been scored every 1/4" and then sanded.  The Cocoa paper has also been sanded.  The zip strip band sticks out from the flap so part of it shows when the card flap is laying down.

I hope you enjoy making these cards and/or can see how versatile our products can be.  No stamping required with these cards!  If you must stamp, you can always stamp the inside.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Changes are Coming

As noted in yesterday's post, we are getting rid of the old to make room for the new.  CTMH just finished with convention which means I have news!

Effective Immediately:
Memberships for Studio J are no more!   If the membership fee had been keeping you away from scrapping your pictures digitally, get going!  All of the patterns and paper are available to you.  You can purchase  the completed layout and/or the jpeg of a layout.

Studio J has a new feature: An 11 layout "book" so you'll have 10 coordinating layouts (plus front and back pages) at your fingertips!  It's perfect for scrapping your vacation or event.  The layouts are prefilled for your convenience, but can be changed too.  Choice from 6 themes.

Effective August 1, 2012:
We are reducing the number of colors from 60 to 42.  There are 24 retiring colors are as follows:
Grey Wool
Grey Flannel
Vanilla Cream
Brown Bag
Baby Pink
Sunkiss Yellow
Key Lime
Heavenly Blue
Lilac Mist
Holiday Red
Sunny Yellow
Dutch Blue
Vineyard Berry
Garden Green
Spring Iris
Pansy Purple

Thus, all ink pads, cardstock, re-inker, and markers are going away too.  If you want them, get them ordered NOW before they are gone.

The new colors are Ruby, Slate, Saddle, Whisper, Cashmere, and Champagne.
We are also bringing in dual tipped ALCOHOL-BASED MARKERS in 40 colors (white and colonial white are being excluded).  Half of the markers will be available on the first, the other half on the fifteenth of August.

62 brand new stamp sets in our new book.  With that will be a total of 19 stamp sets that are designed to go along with your Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.

13 brand new Workshop On The Go kits...including HOME DECOR, CARDS, AND CRICUT SPECIFIC  kits!

Pigment Mini pad collections for the 4 new color blocks Basic, Enchantment, Adventure, and Whimsy.

Home Decor items from a 12"star, an 11" Bracket Frame (7" opening),  14"x14"x2.75" Cubby, and a 13"x13.25"x1" Display Tray.

And my FAVORITE ANNOUNCEMENT... a new massive Cricut Artiste Cartridge bundle with even more amazing features on it.  This new set will feature a total of 698 original designed and coordinating images (plus a circle and a square).  15 of the brand new stamp sets were designed especially to coordinate with shapes.  A slew of 3-dimensional items are included!! I can't wait to get my hands on that purchase.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Retiring Stamp Sets and Accessories

As the end of July draws closer, I want to give you the opportunity to see what stamps and accessories will no longer be available after July 31, 2012.

In addition, the only How-to program that is still available is Imagine (9030)- a Scrapbooking Program.  The others have been sold out and will not be replaced.

On August 1, 2012 you will be able to see the new Fall/Winter 2012 Idea Book and Catalog on my website.  If there is something on the above list you'd like to purchase, there is an open gathering on my website front page. Your items will be shipped directly to you.  :)

DON'T FORGET, YOU HAVE UNTIL JULY 31, 2012 FOR THESE ITEMS!  And you'll be eligible for free items -- see the previous post for more details.